Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hello out there! Today is Holy Thursday. I downloaded a beautiful picture of The Lord's Supper we took last summer at one of The Painted Churches.
 I want to tell  you about an amazing group of students at Angelo State University, The Pro-Life Rams. They set up a "Cemetery of the Innocents" display on the grounds of ASU yesterday and today. The Pro-Life Rams, and other volunteers (St. Mary's College Ministry, Baptist Student  Ministry and The Newman Center) hammered crosses in the ground to give people a visual image of the 3,288 babies that die from abortion everyday. Seeing the display of crosses that represent each abortion/death per day is heartbreaking and a very somber picture of the lost lives of these precious babies. These college students started setting this up before 6:00 am yesterday and had it ready by 8:30 am. They took all the crosses down yesterday evening at 5:30 pm, and started over again this morning. They have a table set up with buttons and pens and all kinds of information. This pro-life group knows what they are talking about, and they are quite impressive! My husband and I showed up about 6:15 this morning to help, it was  a great way to start Holy Thursday! I took some pictures and will download them tomorrow. Way to go Pro-Life Rams! Y'all are "The Pro-Life Generation!"

                                              "Before I formed you in the womb,
                                                               I knew you."

                                                                 Jeremiah 1:5 


  1. When I was going to Methodist Youth Camp in Jr Hi, we sat around the campfire at vespers time at twilight and sang a song...It only takes a spark to get a fire going. Then all of those around can warm up in its glowing. That's how it is in God's world. Once you've experienced it, want the world to know.

    That's how it is with Christ's love, a loved one being ministered to by God and any other wonderful thing that happens. Babies are like that. They bring joy to homes and it doesn't matter if they are natural born or adopted. They bring joy and you want to tell everyone about the new miracle of God in your family. They light up your life.
    I know sometimes babies are on the way and some young mothers feel like it is an intrusion and a burden on their lives. But if there could somehow be amoment that they could have their eyes opened that they could see with their heart that there is a silver lining. This baby, so unplanned, was still a child of God and that there is a family who is yearning for a child to love and raise and that if they could just see this pregnancy through, they would one day realize that what they sacrificed in seeing it through was worth more than gold to some couple who could not bear a child of their own. If the young mother could see down the road and realize what a wonderful gift they gave, that would bring peace and joy to her heart.

    Dear young mother who is sitting in fear and wondering what to do,
    Please understand there is a wonderful alternative and the joy and peace of knowing that saving a child is not the end of your life...but the beginning of someone else's dream come true. There will come a day that you realize you have done a wonderful thing. God bless you as you make a wonderfully rewarding decision.

    1. Amen! My first was soooo unplanned, but the best of five things that ever happened to me (they all call me Mom.)

  2. Thank you so much for your response, you explained it perfectly. I know that song, I remember it. I was raised Methodist, and I went to a Methodist Church camp also.
    I loved that song. Have a wonderful day. Sharla

  3. I forgot to mention...I'm Sharla's aunt.
    Sharla can you see my name? LOL

  4. Aunt Carolyn, I should have known it was you! Since we are both adopted,and we
    think so much alike! "That's how it is with God's love, once you've experienced it, you want to pass it on."