Thursday, March 30, 2017

It's A Small World After All - Let Your Light Shine!

Good morning out there! How are y'all doing? It is a beautiful, chilly morning here
in San Angelo, Texas. The birds are singing and taking baths in our bird bath out
front. I know that water is cold but those little birds just jump right in and splash all

Okay, it is afternoon now, I had to hit save this morning. I know that the time on my
post is always two hours behind because I'm still set on Pacific Time instead of
the Central Time Zone. I have tried to re-set it and decided that it just wasn't that big
of an issue. I am fixing to have to run into town for a meeting so this will be brief.

I want all of you to know how much it means to me that you take the time to read my
blog. When I look at the stat section and am able to see so many different countries
colored in, my heart swells with thanksgiving. I'm a very visual person, so the map of
the world and the countries listed below it with the number of people from each
country that read my blog is many times the motivation that I need to keep on writing.

I pray for all of you. I place my hand over the map of the world and ask God to keep you
and your loved ones safe. I pray that my posts touch your heart and maybe help you in
some way or another. I hope you all have a wonderful day. And whether you are near or
far, in this country or all the way across the world - May God bless you and watch over
you and your families. Thank you for touching my life and making the world a little
bit smaller.

                                                Blessings, blessings to you and yours!
                                                                         Bye for now, Sharla

Monday, March 27, 2017

An Honest Letter About Abortion - The Truth

Hello, hello out there on this sunny, blue skies, birds are singing day! I started a post
yesterday and was trying to get through before we left for Mass. I was copying and pasting
the article I wrote for the newspaper, the one that was too long and so they posted it online.
Anyway, when I pasted the article onto my blog it did not cooperate and I didn't have time
to figure out what was wrong. I hit the save button and left for Mass. The post I started
yesterday is below - Have a wonderfully blessed week! (I figured out what was wrong and
fixed it)!

Hello out there! I hope your weekend has been full of blessings! Ours has been
action packed. But as for today, the Lord's day, we have taken it easy. We will be
leaving for Mass in about twenty minutes so this will be a quick post. I know that
some of you weren't able to read my letter/article the newspaper posted online.
(The link was in my previous post.) So I am copying and pasting it below. Please
pray for the unborn and their families. God bless you all!

This letter is in response to the article written by, John C. Moritz of USA Today Network, Austin Bureau from the Sunday, March 19, 2017 Standard Times Newspaper. The article is about House Bill 4260 filed by Jessica Farrar, member of the Texas House. Moritz calls the bill satirical and Farrar describes it as, “men’s health and safety”. From what I read, Farrar is tired of women having to undergo a sonogram and hear their baby’s heartbeat before an abortion.  She wrote this bill to try and make a point. Instead of satire or trying to make a point, let’s have an honest dialogue about abortion and a woman’s right to choose. I think a woman should be told all aspects of any procedure she is having done and that definitely includes an abortion. It is time to be honest and realize that once a woman becomes pregnant there are now two lives to consider.  If the woman is dealing with an unplanned or crisis pregnancy then we need to reach out and help her find all the resources that are available. There are many options depending on the woman’s age and circumstances. If she is young, there are maternity homes available that provide shelter for her and her baby. These homes allow the mother to finish school, work, and teach the young mother the proper life skills needed to be a good parent. There are also homes where the young woman can live until her baby is born if she is choosing adoption for her child. The mother is able to choose to have an open adoption or a closed adoption. The mother can also be involved in choosing her baby’s parents.

If a woman chooses abortion there is no going back. The abortion takes the life of her baby, and no matter what some people may say, she is going to carry that burden in her heart.  Stop making it sound like abortion is no big deal and stop saying that the unborn baby is a blob of tissue. Be honest and tell the truth. You are not helping them by lying. Having an abortion means death for the baby.  

If the young lady or woman is in her first trimester, give her the information about what is happening during this stage of development. Do the same thing with the second trimester and the third trimester. Yes, abortions are performed in the third trimester also. Late term abortions are available in some states.

Let them hear their baby’s heartbeat and show them the sonogram. Then if the young lady or woman still chooses to go through with the abortion at least she has been given all the facts. It is not about making them feel bad, it is about letting them know the truth. I do think that when given all the information about their baby’s development more times than not, the young woman will choose life for her unborn baby. And that is good! Babies are a gift, they are not a choice. How did we get to this point? When did someone’s choice become more important than someone else’s life?

I keep on hearing about women’s rights. Are you talking about all women’s rights or just the women who are pro-choice? Is there an age restriction on those rights? What about the rights of the babies? Those who are aborted because their parents wanted a daughter instead of a son, or vice versa, you know, sex selection abortions. I am so tired of all the hypocrisy. These poor babies, don’t you see, they are the innocent victims in all of this, in your childish games of satire and in the abortion industry where money is made from their deaths.  Isn’t it ironic how I hear you say that women can be anything they want to be, do anything they want to do until it comes to a crisis pregnancy. Then women are told they are not strong enough, not capable enough, that their lives will be easier if they have an abortion. Talk about a slap in the face! Being a mother is a gift and once again the innocent babies are the ones that die because of your “abortion is no big deal” propaganda!

What about the life of the unborn baby? Odds are at least half of the babies aborted are girls. Baby girls that will never get to grow up and become women. What about their rights? What about the baby boys that are aborted? Baby boys that will never get to grow up and become men. What about their rights? Shame on you and shame on us all for letting this happen.

When a couple is planning to have a baby, wanting to have a baby, excited about having a baby – guess what? Right from the very moment they find out they are pregnant everyone says it’s a baby! Who says, “I'm pregnant but don't get excited until it's a baby?” I mean it, have you ever heard anyone say that?!

Well, when a woman finds out that she is pregnant and everyone is not excited, it’s still a baby. And more than that, there is always a couple praying for a baby they can adopt, praying for a baby of their very own.

Adoption is a loving life option that is not talked about enough. Adoption for the “human babies” needs to be promoted and advertised to let women and men of all ages know that there is a life choice out there for their unborn baby. Not everyone is ready to be a parent, so let’s share the news about adoption. I was blessed to have been adopted at birth and I am so thankful for my life.  

 I pray that someday abortions won’t be legal anymore. I also pray that someday all people will come to see the true horror of abortion and that no one will choose to have one. Help is available for women who want to keep their babies and adoption is an option for those who are not able to raise their babies.

In closing, here are some numbers for you to think about:

Number of abortions performed in the United States since Roe vs Wade 1973 – 59,322,090.7

Number of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood since 1970 – 7,681,442.5

Number of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood this year – 72,096.5

Number of abortions performed in the United States this year after 16 weeks gestation – 9,892.7

We don’t need House Bills filed to make a point. We need to save the babies who are dying from abortion – By the time you read this article the number of abortions will be higher in the United States and in the world.  
Worldwide there is an abortion every second.
How many babies died from abortion just while you were reading this article?    
                                      We must speak up! We have to be their voice! 





Thursday, March 23, 2017

When You Believe in Something - Stand Your Ground!

Good morning out there! It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. I read an article
in last Sunday's newspaper about House Bill 4260 filed in Texas. There is a very slim
chance this bill will be voted in because it was basically written and filed to try and
prove a point. Jessica Farrar, a 22 year member of the Texas House is the one who wrote
the bill she describes as a "men's health and safety" measure. Basically a bill that would
embarrass men and make them uncomfortable. From what I read, it sounds
like Farrar is tired of women having to undergo a 24 hour waiting period before having
an abortion, having a sonogram before an abortion, and hearing the baby's heartbeat
before an abortion. After I read the article I sat down and started making notes and
then I wrote a long letter in response to this issue.
I submitted my letter/article to the local newspaper and was told it was way too long
and that I would basically have to go from a 1,100 word letter to a 600 word letter.
I re-read my letter and decided that no, I was not going to take that much out. It wouldn't
be the same if I had to take that much content out. I told the editor of the paper that I
understood and that I would just post my letter on my blog and email it to people.
He responded back to me that they could post my entire letter on their online site. I
was thrilled and glad that I stood firm. I wrote a good letter, a very informative one and
I'm going to post the link where you can read it if you would like to. I also shared it
to my Facebook page. The title they chose for my article is,
"Choose adoption over abortion." If you aren't able to download my letter from the link
please let me know and I will post the entire 1,100 words on my next blog post!
I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day.

                                                                        Bye for now, Sharla

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Looking Back - Life is an Amazing Journey

Hello out there! I started this blog on a Saturday morning almost three years ago.
My first post was on March 22, 2014. At first I wondered if I would have enough
to say, enough to write about. Now, those of you who know me, are probably
laughing really hard - have enough to say?  I can almost hear my friends and
family's response! Are you kidding? When do you not have something to say?
Well it is three years later and looking back over my posts......I found enough to say!

This post will be number 247! A lot has gone on these last three years. Wonderful
memories and stories I'm so glad that I've shared. Thank you for reading the
stories that come from my heart. I'm going to copy the links to a couple of
stories from each year. Just looking back has made me laugh, made me cry, and
made me realize how much difference one life really does make. The video trailer at
the bottom of this page is about my book.
Only by the grace of God has all of this been possible.

I'm so thankful for my life!
Blessings to you and yours!
Bye for now, Sharla

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blessings from the Children

Good morning out there! I hope you have a wonderful day. I've had a busy week so far.
Yesterday I picked up the supplies needed for the Sack Lunch Ministry. I had put off
going for awhile and we needed almost everything! We don't have to worry about
the water anymore because that is being donated and delivered by some really nice men!
I want to thank everyone who is involved with this ministry that blesses so many people.
We are blessed with several volunteers who pack the sack lunches and hand them out.
The people we serve are greeted with warm smiles, happy greetings, and listening ears.
We are blessed by all the monetary donations we receive so that we can purchase the
supplies needed to provide the lunches. The children from Angelo Catholic School
decorate the sacks that the lunches are in. I took some pictures of some of the sacks
we received last week. I want to share some of the messages that were written on the
sacks. The children really take this to heart -

"I hope you are getting a lot of food. We're all praying for you. I am praying for all
your friends and your life. I want your soul to be healing from all your hunger. I want
you to be full after you eat all your food. I love you for ever. God and Jesus are
watching over you!"

"You are perfect just the way you are" (Each word was underlined.)

"We are praying 4 you!"

"Jesus loves you with all his heart"

These priceless, heartfelt messages take your breath away, brings tears to your eyes,
touch your heart, and bless us all.

Mark 10: 13-16
Jesus Blesses the Children.
People were bringing their little children to him to have him touch them, but the
disciples were scolding them for this. Jesus became indignant when he noticed it
and said to them: "Let the children come to me and do not hinder them. It is to just
such as these that the kingdom of God belongs. I assure you that whoever does not
accept the reign of God like a little child shall not take part in it." Then he embraced
them and blessed them, placing his hands on them.
(Saint Joseph Edition of the New American Bible)

                                                                      Blessings to you and yours!
                                                                                   Bye for now, Sharla

Monday, March 13, 2017

Say A Prayer and Sing Out Loud!

Hello, hello, good evening out there! A quick post before dinner! I was at the grocery
store this morning. I was picking up some lunch meat and fresh fruit for the Sack Lunch
Ministry; Oscar Mayer Thick Sliced Bologna and bananas. They were playing an oldie
but goodie song on the intercom. I think, I'm almost positive it was one of
Anne Murray's songs. I was steering my shopping cart down the isles and singing out
loud - "When there's no getting over that rainbowwwwww, and the smallest of dreams
don't come true, I can take all the madness the world has to give but I won't last a day
without youuuuu, no I won't last a day without youuuuuu. I think those are the words
of the song, they were the ones I was singing.
I checked out, loaded the groceries into my truck and drove over to the church parking
lot. I was still singing that song as I unloaded the groceries and started walking to the
cafeteria, I even threw in a little spin with my arms out wide and grocery bags
hanging from my finger tips! I was just happy, just plain old happy.
A little later on a very unhappy person tried to take my joy away and I almost let
them! This person was not someone we serve, they are all very appreciative!
 No, this was someone else who I honestly feel sorry for, but for a short time today,
they just made me mad.  But I said some prayers and just shook that ugliness right off!
Hey, that's another song, "Shake, shake, shake it off!"
I had a super great day and when Jim and I were going out to feed the chickens and
the sheep I sang that song (the first one) at the top of my lungs. I gathered eggs,
fed our outdoor goldfish and did a little dance!

The motto of my story is - Don't let other people bring you down! Say a prayer and
sing out loud!

                 Y'all have a great evening- Jim and I are praying for all of you!
                        I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!

                                                               Bye for now, Sharla

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Once Upon A Time.................

Hello out there - I have so much on my heart. This Lenten journey has started out
different then the last two years. As many of you know, we have been very involved
with the 40 Days for Life campaigns in the past. We did not sign up for the campaign
that is taking place right now in over three hundred locations all across our country and
other countries as well. The pro-life mission is still heavy on all of our hearts but we
decided to take some time and re-group. The prayers have not stopped. Our prayers for
the unborn, their mothers, and their fathers are still being said. Some of us still pray the
rosary together with special intentions for the plight of the precious unborn.
My heart has ached today. I miss seeing the pro-life banners hanging on the courtyard
gates. I miss seeing people praying together and praying by themselves. I just miss it
all. Please know that we haven't given up. We will be praying the pro-life rosary for
the precious unborn at 1:00 p.m. in the courtyard tomorrow. We would love for you to
join us if at all possible. The weather has been so much warmer this Lent than last year
and the year before. I'm going to add a couple of links from my blog posts two years
ago. Stories about how cold it was when we prayed in the courtyard that year (2015).
Jim and I talked this morning about how things change. We also talked about how
important it is to promote adoption as a life option and let people know that a baby is
gift from God! Yes, things may change, but our pro-life mission continues!
Please keep praying for the babies. God bless you all.

Once upon a time fifty or so years ago
a baby girl was born and she needed a home.
Never knowing the circumstances or the reason why,
her birth mother couldn't keep her,
she had to say goodbye.
This baby girl was three days old
when a loving family came and took her to their home.
With love, and joy, and happiness this baby girl grew up.
She never met a stranger and her heart was full of love.
She loved to hear the stories about her special day,
the day her family came and gave her their name.

That baby girl was me.

                                                                               Bye for now, Sharla