Monday, June 30, 2014

Hello out there! I hope everyone had a great weekend, ours was action packed! On Saturday, all of our children and grandchildren were with us. Since all three of our children are married, we are double blessed and now have six children, and eight grandchildren, when you add my husband and me, that adds up to a bunch! We had a lot of really good food, (we barbecued) plenty for everyone. I especially love when we say Grace before we eat, hearing my grandkids sweet voices as they pray is such a beautiful sound.
My motto at meal time is: If you are still hungry when you leave, it is your own fault, thank you Jesus, we always have more than enough, no matter how many people stop by. I love to cook, and bake, taking care of my family is my #1 priority! My grandkids love to help me bake, I have so many great pictures of them in the kitchen with me.
I had my two granddaughters that live out of town with me all week. Our oldest son and daughter-in-law drove in late Friday night. They all left yesterday (Sunday) morning. We had a lot of fun last week, they enjoyed playing with all of their cousins!
Swimming, baking, playing outside, watering the flowers, coloring, going to the park, and to the donut shop, and a T Ball game were just a few of our adventures! All of my grandkids love the Junie B. Jones audio cassettes/tapes/whatever they are, and we listen to them while we are in the truck running errands. I enjoy listening to them with my kiddos, and we laugh a lot. My husband, on the other hand, is not as impressed. He thinks Junie B. Jones needs a good swat, but since the kids love them, being the wonderful "Pa" that he is, he grins and bears it!
I so enjoy having my family all here, but I have to admit, I am tired today! Thanks for reading my blog, I hope your life is filled with love and laughter! Bye for now, Sharla

We sing this song at Mass, it is one of my favorites!

"Lead me Lord, lead me Lord, by the light of truth, to seek and to find the narrow way. Be my way,
be my truth, be my life my Lord, and lead me Lord today!"

Friday, June 27, 2014

Hello out there! I have been so busy with my grandkids this week I haven't had a chance to blog!
Although I have posted a couple of links to the letters I had published in the newspaper. I also posted a couple of pictures! I have a lot to say about the Wendy Davis filibuster anniversary celebration, but that will have to wait another day or two. The article I read in today's paper about her speech almost did me in, but I'll write my opinion after I've recouped from my wonderful week with my babies! I need to get some sleep, tomorrow will be another non-stop day!
I just wanted to write a quick post so that y'all wouldn't think I had given up! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog! Have a great weekend!

My motto for today is - Promote adoption for the precious human babies, speak up for the unborn, we are their voice, we have to fight for them!

    The Lord is good, a refuge in times of trouble. He cares for those who trust in him.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good Morning out there! We have been blessed with more rain! It is a beautiful, cloudy, homemade chicken soup kind of day! I've got a big pot of chicken noodle soup simmering on the stove, and a fresh pitcher of ice tea ready to drink! I'll heat up some buttered French bread and lunch will be served!
I really enjoy writing posts for my blog, it is like a journal for me. Someday my grandkids will grow up, and have families of their own. I hope that they will read the archives from my blog, and not only remember how very much I love them, what gifts their lives are to me, but what I stand for, what I believe in. I hope it will help guide them along their life's path way.

I read an article that was in Wednesdays newspaper. It was an article about Wendy Davis, her filibuster last year, and several pro-abortion groups celebrating the one year anniversary on June 25th. I've been thinking and praying about my response to the article, so here it goes.
This was the headline: Advocates mark filibuster anniversary
Pro-abortion rights groups renew efforts
The following paragraph is why I knew I had to speak my mind:
"This month, in a fundraising email, the Davis campaign let supporters have a chance to win a pair of pink running shoes like the ones Davis wore during her filibuster."
I feel like my best response is the letter I wrote to the newspaper, that was published in The View Points Section after her filibuster last summer. This letter was published on July 4, 2013.

Dear precious babies in the womb, I'm writing this letter to you, the innocent victims of abortion. Please know that there are many pro-life people and organizations that are praying for you, we are fighting for your lives. There are so many moms and dads who would love to adopt you, who are on a long waiting list in hopes of adopting a baby just like you.
I'm telling you this because I am so heart-broken and ashamed of how pro-choice people are acting. I read an article in Monday's paper about Wendy Davis, the Democratic State Senator "whose filibuster against Texas abortion restrictions gained her national fame." She said "she has been fielding congratulatory calls from around the world since her marathon filibuster." I am sick to my stomach, thinking about people doing "high fives" because you, the unborn, can still be aborted after twenty weeks. Do these people hear the words that are coming out of their mouths? I assume that these same people realize that your mother is five months pregnant at twenty weeks, and that a sonogram will show if you are a baby boy, or a baby girl, a son or a daughter. I am so sorry that women and men have made you their political stepping stone, their so called rise to fame.
The sad, ugly irony is that these same political figures scream about how the discrimination and bullying has got to stop, yet your life will end because of their discrimination against you, you are not old enough, not big enough. They are the biggest hypocrites of all. They are afraid to stand up for you because it's just not politically correct it's not the popular thing to do.
Today I make a vow to you, the innocent babies in the womb, I will not be silent, I will not give up.
I will continue to pray that your mothers and fathers see what a gift from God you truly are. As a pro-life Catholic I have never voted for anyone who is pro-choice, and I never will.
Sweet tiny babies in your mother's womb, I will fight for you, I will weep for you, I will pray for you until I draw my last breath. I am woman hear me roar-Wendy Davis does not speak for me!

That filibuster, that letter I wrote in response, is one of the reasons I started my blog. I'm not a political figure, not anybody important, but I have a voice and I made a vow to the unborn. My blog, the posts I write come from my heart and are the only way I know how to try and reach people, to try and make a difference.
The final point I want to comment on is the one from this weeks article about winning a pair of pink running shoes like the ones Wendy Davis wore during her filibuster. The appropriate color should be red, the color of blood.
Sweet, tiny babies in your mother's womb, I will fight for you, I will speak up for you, I will do my best to help others see, the only pink or blue running shoes should be for your precious tiny feet.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello out there, my heart is sad today, I wish I knew what to say. I try to make people see, the gift of life a baby will be. Please God, show me the way, so that I can make a difference today. As tears stream down my face, why does my heart ache this way? Please God, give me the words, please guide my hand as I write this verse, how do I make others see, the horrible death that abortion brings. Please give me strength, please give me courage to fight this fight that curses the earth. Please God, show me the way, that I can make a difference today.
 Gifts from heaven, babies are, Gifts from God above. Protect them, love them sing songs of joy, new life new life, how precious they are.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Morning out there! You will not believe what I was doing about thirty minutes ago! I looked out my kitchen window, and there in my front yard were fifteen of my 6-8 week old chickens running around. By the time I got outside they were crossing the street, a truck was stopped waiting for them to cross, I waved kind of sheepishly and then darted out to the street as soon as he drove off! I was hollering "get back over here!" Although it came out more like "git back over here" every now and then my "Texas Twang" really comes out, I'm sure this was one of those times! I mean, how do you call a chicken to come home?! Anyway, of course they thought I was going to feed them so they all came a running. I just hope none of my neighbors were filming this, if there is a crazy chicken chasing scene on You Tube later, more than likely it is of me, and my chickens! Anyway, I told them to go back in the field where they belong, but they didn't. So, I came back inside, grabbed my camera and took pictures of them. Yes, I posted a picture of them in my front yard! Have a great day, bye for now, Sharla

                                                  Live life with a song in your heart!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Mother's Love

Hello out there! I hope everyone is having a great day! I'm a glass is always half-full kind of gal, if you haven't already figured that out! Just a quick post before I head to the grocery store to stock my empty fridge! Thank you, God that I'm able to do that, I try not to ever take anything for granted.

Anyway, on to my post. I want to share something that someone brought to my attention, about men and their post-abortion grief. There are many men who suffer from this, some may have wanted the abortions, and now regret them. Some did not want their baby to be aborted but had "no choice" in the decision that was made. The main purpose of my blog is to help people. For those who seek healing, I will try to provide all the information and resources I can. There are many, many men and women who suffer deep grief after an abortion. Please help me get the information they seek out there.

I found this information in a brochure from Raphael's Refuge. The resources in this brochure are geared for men, but they also have information for women.
CareNet: 1-800-395-HELP
Father's & Brother's Ministries: 1-888-546-0148 (U.S. only) - Canada (303)543-0148
MARC Ministries: (610)384-3210
National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing: 1-800-5WE-CARE
Rachel's Vineyard ( For Women and Men): 1-877-HOPE-4-ME (1-877-467-3463) (Lots of different tabs to click on)

Men's post-abortion testimonies can be found at (All kinds of help)

More resources:
West Texans for Life (325)214-5433
Project Rachel-1-888-456-HOPE (This website is really helpful)
Abortion Recovery International (Testimonies from men and women)

On Thursday, I posted a picture of Mother and Child, and when I started to write a simple title this little "kind of " poem came out instead, so I will close with that. Bye for now, Sharla

                                                          Gifts from heaven, babies are
                                                             Gifts from God above,
                                                              Protect them, love them
                                                       Sing songs of joy, new life new life
                                                             How precious they are!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Wow, this post is really hard for me to write. I was looking through the pictures I took at Raphael's Refuge because I wanted to post them. There was one picture that I felt really conflicted about posting, it is definitely the most powerful pro-life picture I have ever seen. So, I thought well, I'll just post these beautiful mother and child pictures, the picture of Jesus with the children, the pictures that make us smile. Pictures that everyone wants to see. Pictures that don't make anyone uncomfortable.
I hate to admit it, but every now and then God has to wake me up, remind me why I started this blog.
So this is what happened. I wrote what a beautiful picture on the heading and clicked on one of the Mother and Child pictures and instead of that sweet, beautiful picture, I saw the picture of Jesus, distraught, in anguish, holding a tiny baby that had been aborted in his hand, that is the picture that downloaded. I just stared at the picture in shock, I started bawling, and said I'm so sorry, I'm just hiding my head in the sand, not brave enough to speak up about the truth. Afraid I might upset someone if I posted this picture. I'm the one who says let me hear you roar, I say I will not be silent, but isn't that what I was doing?  After I calmed down, I changed the heading and explained about the newspaper that Jesus is kneeling on, it is hard to read in the picture. The headline on the newspaper is about the thousands upon thousands of abortions. I looked at the picture and cried some more, and then I did what I knew I had to do, and I pressed share.

This scripture is printed on back of a brochure at Raphael's Refuge, a place of healing.

                                                     A voice is heard in Ramah,
                                                    Lamenting and weeping bitterly:
                                               It is Rachel weeping for her children
                                                  Because they are no more.
                                                      Yahweh says this:
                                              Stop your weeping, dry your eyes,
                                             Your hardships will be redressed:
                                             Bring me back, let me come back,
                                               For you are Yahweh my God!
                                        Yes, I turned away, but have since repented;
                                              I understood, I beat my breast.
                                        I was deeply ashamed, covered with confusion;
                                           Yes, I still bore the disgrace of my youth.

                                                    Come home....come home......

                                                    Jeremiah 31:15-16, 18-19, 21


Monday, June 9, 2014

Good Morning out there! I just posted an amazing picture that is hanging on the wall at Raphael's Refuge in Flatonia, TX. I will post the other pictures that I took there later on. My husband and I stopped by Raphael's Refuge this past Friday while we were traveling. We met the wonderful woman who donated her land for this refuge to be built, she also painted the Muriel of St. Raphael on the wall. Her artwork comes from her heart, she is definitely guided by The Holy Spirit. She has beautiful, moving pictures hanging everywhere. So many people have donated their time and talents to build this refuge. Please take the time to look at the website:  or email them for more information at This refuge is a memorial for all parents and families who have lost an infant due to miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, and abortion. The walls are made up of glass squares where you can have your babies name, the date, or whatever you want etched on the glass pane. They also hope to hold healing retreats there. This is for all denominations, and has been built and funded by loving people of different denominations. I will close with a prayer that is on back of one of their cards. Bye for now, Sharla

                                        Parent's Prayer for a Departed Baby
                                        Holy Spirit, creator of life and love,
                                       thank you for breathing life into the soul
                                       of my baby. Heavenly Father, thank you for
                                       letting me play a role in my baby's creation.
                                       Lord Jesus, thank you for my baby's love.
                                          From my empty arms, I place my baby
                                       into your arms, to be held for all eternity.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Wedding is a Day, A Marriage is a Lifetime

Hello out there! My husband and I have been married for 31 years today! I think that every year should be a celebration! Life is such a gift, and I don't ever want to take it for granted. We should never take our spouses for granted either. I really believe in not sweating the small stuff. A wedding is a day, a marriage is a life time. A good, healthy, happy, and loving marriage takes work. I am very blessed, very thankful, and I love being a wife, mother, and grandmother. I listen to the Catholic Radio Station, Guadalupe Radio Network, 91.5 FM when I am running all my errands. (I always wanted to be a DJ in my spare time-Ha Ha)This morning they told us about a website for married couples:  It is
I looked up the site, and was thrilled with all of the different types of information they have for engaged couples and married couples. This is a Catholic Marriage website, but I think it would be great for everyone!
 They have a daily marriage tip, scriptures, different family perspectives. All kinds of great, loving, prayerful advice. I'm going to end my blog today with the marriage tip they had for 5/29/14, and a scripture they had for another day.

What lifts up your spirit? A funny story, a good meal, a hug, a compliment? Lift up each other today!
(I think that is great advice, we should always try to lift up our spouse, not bring them down.)

Acts 1:14
"All these devoted themselves with one accord to prayer."
( Pray with each other and for each other, pray with your children, let prayer be a #1 priority in your family.)

I thought of something else I wanted to add: Laugh, sing, dance, I can't tell you how many times I've gone out to check on Jim when he's working in the shop (he always has the radio on, listening to a country western station) and we will two-step around the welding  machine and other assorted equipment! Live life with lots of joy in your heart and love blooms all around. Bye for now, Sharla

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Good Morning out there! This past Saturday I shared the Joyful Mysteries of the Pro-Life Rosary with you. Today I'm going to share the Sorrowful Mysteries. For me, the sorrowful mysteries are a lot harder, you know that old saying "the truth hurts" well, it does. This is why I will not give up, this is why I will not be silent. Please remember, the scriptures come straight from the Bible, and the intentions have been written by a Pro-Life person. Being pro-life is for all Christians, no matter what our denomination is. I hope you will take the time to read these, maybe add them to your daily reflections. I hope that each of you have a blessed day, bye for now, Sharla

My motto for today is: I will not be silent, I will not give up!

First Sorrowful Mystery
The Agony in the Garden

Luke 22:44-45
In His anguish He prayed with all the greater intensity, and His sweat became like drops of blood
falling to the ground. Then He rose from prayer and came to His disciples, only to find them asleep, exhausted with grief.

Let us pray for mothers and fathers who are in agony because they are tempted to abort a child. May they be given the good news that there are alternatives, and may they make use of the help that is available.

Second Sorrowful Mystery
The Scourging at the Pillar

John 19:1
Pilate's next move was to take Jesus and have Him scourged.

As Christ's flesh was torn by the instruments of those who scourged Him, so the bodies of babies in the womb are torn by the instruments of the abortionists. Let us pray that abortionists may repent of these acts of child-killing.

Third Sorrowful Mystery
The Crowning With Thorns

Matthew 27:28-29
They stripped off His clothes and wrapped Him in a scarlet military cloak. Weaving a crown out of thorns they fixed it on His head, and stuck a reed in His right hand...

Jesus suffered the pain of thorns in His head, and did so silently. We pray for the mothers and fathers of aborted children. So many of them suffer deep grief and regret over a choice they can never reverse. So many suffer in silence, because others tell them it's no big deal.

Fourth Sorrowful Mystery
The Carrying of the Cross

John 19:17
....carrying the cross by Himself, He went out to what is called the Place of the Skull (in Hebrew, Golgotha).

Jesus was not condemned by the power of wicked people. He was condemned because of the silence of good people. Silence always helps the oppressor, never the victim. Let us pray that we may never be silent about abortion, but rather will clearly speak up to save babies from death.

Fifth Sorrowful Mystery
The Crucifixion

Luke 23:46
Jesus uttered a loud cry and said, "Father, into Your hands I commend My spirit." After He said this, He expired.

As we ponder the death of Christ, let us remember the many women who have died from so-called "safe, legal" abortions. Let us ask forgiveness and mercy for them. May their memory save other women from making this tragic mistake.

                     Jesus, protect and save the unborn.