Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Morning out there! You will not believe what I was doing about thirty minutes ago! I looked out my kitchen window, and there in my front yard were fifteen of my 6-8 week old chickens running around. By the time I got outside they were crossing the street, a truck was stopped waiting for them to cross, I waved kind of sheepishly and then darted out to the street as soon as he drove off! I was hollering "get back over here!" Although it came out more like "git back over here" every now and then my "Texas Twang" really comes out, I'm sure this was one of those times! I mean, how do you call a chicken to come home?! Anyway, of course they thought I was going to feed them so they all came a running. I just hope none of my neighbors were filming this, if there is a crazy chicken chasing scene on You Tube later, more than likely it is of me, and my chickens! Anyway, I told them to go back in the field where they belong, but they didn't. So, I came back inside, grabbed my camera and took pictures of them. Yes, I posted a picture of them in my front yard! Have a great day, bye for now, Sharla

                                                  Live life with a song in your heart!

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