Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello out there! It's a beautiful, overcast day here in San Angelo, TX. We were blessed
with rain overnight, we are always thankful for the rain out here! I just got home
from helping out with the Sack Lunch Ministry, our parish, Sacred Heart Cathedral provides
for the homeless and other people in need. Our parish is in the downtown area and we give
out sack lunches Monday - Friday from 11:30 am - 1:00 pm. We fed a lot of people
today, we gave out over 80 sack lunches. You never know how many people will stop
by, we usually hand out between 40 -80 lunches a day. In the summer, we hand out
more because kids are home from school. Everyone is always so appreciative. I only
help out twice a month, some of the other volunteers are there almost every day.
After we cleaned up and locked the doors I went over to the parish office and visited
with the secretary about the details for the kick-off rally we'll have next Wednesday
evening for the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I bought two candles and walked over
to the sanctuary. I love being in the sanctuary during the day when no one else is in
there. There is no way to describe the peace I feel when I kneel down to pray. It's so
quiet in there, light comes through the stained glass windows and it's beautiful. I look
up at the huge crucifix hanging on the wall behind the altar, a reminder that my Jesus
died on the cross for all of our sins. I walked down the side isle towards the back where
the shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe is, I was going to light my candles and say a
prayer, but I noticed that all the candle holders were already full. I smiled and sat my
candles on the floor and knelt down on the kneeler. When I saw all those candles
burning it was a visual image to me of faith. Every person who lit a candle and knelt
down and asked Mother Mary to pray for their special need, who lifted up their
prayer to God, what a beautiful sign of faith. I prayed for everyone who lit a candle,
I prayed for my family and then I softly sang the Hail Mary so overcome with emotion,
and the peace I felt at that moment. God is always with us, sometimes we need to step out
and away from all the noise in today's world to feel His presence. I'm so thankful
that I took the time to spend a few quiet minutes alone with God and was able to
witness the faith of His prayerful people.
I brought my candles home with me, they'll be lit later on, and every time I pass by
and see the flicker of the light, a prayer of peace for all of you, whether near or far
will be on lips and in my heart.
                                                God bless you all, Sharla

"Lead me Lord lead me Lord by the light of truth, to seek and to find the narrow way,
be my way be my truth be my life my Lord, and lead me Lord today."

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