Thursday, March 23, 2017

When You Believe in Something - Stand Your Ground!

Good morning out there! It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day. I read an article
in last Sunday's newspaper about House Bill 4260 filed in Texas. There is a very slim
chance this bill will be voted in because it was basically written and filed to try and
prove a point. Jessica Farrar, a 22 year member of the Texas House is the one who wrote
the bill she describes as a "men's health and safety" measure. Basically a bill that would
embarrass men and make them uncomfortable. From what I read, it sounds
like Farrar is tired of women having to undergo a 24 hour waiting period before having
an abortion, having a sonogram before an abortion, and hearing the baby's heartbeat
before an abortion. After I read the article I sat down and started making notes and
then I wrote a long letter in response to this issue.
I submitted my letter/article to the local newspaper and was told it was way too long
and that I would basically have to go from a 1,100 word letter to a 600 word letter.
I re-read my letter and decided that no, I was not going to take that much out. It wouldn't
be the same if I had to take that much content out. I told the editor of the paper that I
understood and that I would just post my letter on my blog and email it to people.
He responded back to me that they could post my entire letter on their online site. I
was thrilled and glad that I stood firm. I wrote a good letter, a very informative one and
I'm going to post the link where you can read it if you would like to. I also shared it
to my Facebook page. The title they chose for my article is,
"Choose adoption over abortion." If you aren't able to download my letter from the link
please let me know and I will post the entire 1,100 words on my next blog post!
I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed day.

                                                                        Bye for now, Sharla

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