Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Good Morning out there! This post is about the last trimester of a mother's pregnancy.
If you didn't read my post before this one, it has the first and second trimester.

7th Month (25-28 Weeks)
This little baby boy or girl now recognizes his or her mother's voice. They exercise by stretching and kicking as they grow even bigger. They can use their senses of hearing, touch, and taste. They can even open their eyes and look around. If the baby is a boy, a son, this is when his testicles descend from the abdomen into the scrotum. What a miracle a new life is.

8th Month (29-32 Weeks)
Now the baby's skin will thicken, with a layer of fat stored underneath. This helps with insulation and provides nourishment. He or she will swallow a gallon of amniotic fluid per day. The mom will be able to feel an elbow or heel, sometimes a little rear end, as her son or daughter kicks and  moves in this cramped area. (I remember that my daughter had the hiccups a lot, it was such a funny and neat feeling. I know my son was doing flips in my stomach!)

9th Month (33-36 Weeks)
He or she will gain one half pound per week, and they are getting ready for birth. The bones in his or her head are soft and flexible to more easily mold and go through the birth canal. Did you know that ninety percent of our development happens in the womb?

A new life is a miracle. If you are in a crisis pregnancy, or you know someone who is, please know that help is available at Pregnancy Help/Resource Centers. They do free pregnancy tests, free sonograms, they will help with clothes and diapers. They offer parenting classes for both the mother and the father. They help in so many ways, and they will also help you find an adoption agency if you aren't able to parent your child. Adoption is a loving, selfless, life giving option.

Have a great day! Adoption is an option! Babies are a Blessing, not a choice!

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  1. As you know, our first child (and your first grandchild) was a "crisis pregnancy". I was 18, both Scant and I were both in college, and I just two weeks before Scant had a major car accident that he only survived by the grace of God. I was at Planned Parenthood for birth control when they told me. (How my eyes have been opened!) The lady could not understand why I was shocked and crying, and what happened then will be burned into my mind forever. She told me, "We can take care of that for you." She said it in a tone like my baby was just a paper cup we could just throw away. My whole being was rocked. My baby was so tiny then, with no other symptoms but a positive test (probably just at 4 weeks), but that was my BABY.
    While there was no pregnancy help center to help us out, we were very blessed to have great support from family.
    When I look at that "crisis" now, I see how God was leading both scant and I toward him, asking us to trust in him. My first child, who is now 8, has been followed by 4 other siblings, each a wonderful blessing as well. I cannot imagine life without him, this boy who loves hunting like dad and has my sense of humor. I am so thankful for his life!