Monday, April 10, 2017

Being Thankful For Another Day - Tomorrow Is Not Promised

Hello out there! Yesterday we went to the 6:00 p.m. Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral.
It was Palm Sunday and everything was perfect! The music, the readings, the homily,
the wonderful environment inside the sanctuary, and the three altar servers did an
excellent job! By the way, the three altar servers are my grandchildren! I love that we
were at Mass together as a family. Now let me explain something about being together.
We don't all sit together because we are scattered all over the place. Jim is an usher and
he stands in the back until it is time to take up the collection and direct people during
communion. Our son-in-law had to help usher last night and he was by one of the side
doors at the front of the sanctuary. Our son and daughter-in-law were sitting toward the
front with their three youngest children (the two oldest were altar servers). It wasn't long
before our son and his youngest ended up in the vestibule. Our daughter was in the vestibule
with her two youngest daughters. Her oldest daughter was also an altar server.
 After I read the readings I walked to the back and tried to help out with the grand-
daughters. A trip to the bathroom with two of the little ones, beautiful hymns, prayers,
and communion, we were here, there and everywhere! Jim and myself, our son and his
wife and their five children, our daughter and her husband and their three daughters -
I call that an awesome way to spend Sunday evening! Before Mass we gathered in the
courtyard and the palms were handed out and blessed. It wasn't long before the little
one's palms were confiscated, and as the grandmother I just had to laugh. Prayers and
blessings - blessings and prayers and the hymn that stays in my mind - "Jesus, remember
me, when you come into Your kingdom" sung over and over, softer and louder, such a
beautiful melody. Before we went to Mass last night, Jim had talked to our oldest son
on the phone. He and his wife and daughters live out of town, they had gone to Mass
in the morning. Yes, we are here, there and everywhere but we are together. I wish they
had been with us at Sacred Heart but I'm glad they were celebrating Palm Sunday at
their parish. We all need God in our lives. In one of my previous posts I talk about an
analogy a priest used on the Catholic Radio Station, he said, "God is the peanut butter
that holds us together" - I love that! He explained that if you put two slices of bread
together they will fall apart but if  you place peanut butter on the bread - they stick
together! God is the peanut butter in that sandwich that helps hold you together!

This morning I read in the newspaper about the terrorist attacks on two churches in Egypt.
As of this morning, forty-four people had died. So much violence, so much hate. Why?
They were celebrating Palm Sunday also. This type of news just breaks my heart. How
many families were there together just like us? Please pray for peace, please pray for
comfort for those who mourn their loved ones who died in these senseless, horrible
Hug your spouse, and hug your children and grandchildren and hold them tight.
I went to a Women's Conference this past fall and one thing that one of the speakers
said has really stayed with me. If you died tonight what would you regret? What would
you wish that you had taken the time to do?
I had been so busy, that I had not cooked a good home-made meal in close to two weeks.
After I listened to the speaker and went  to Mass it was time for the lunch break. I drove
home and began to bake. It was a Saturday and Jim had a job that day. I made a double
batch of buttermilk biscuits from scratch. I peeled potatoes and chopped onions and
cooked a pound of spicy breakfast sausage and made a huge pot of spicy potato soup.
I grated cheese and made a pitcher of iced tea. After the biscuits were done and the
soup was simmering, the cheese was grated, and the tea was ready - I made a batch of
chocolate chip cookies with pecans. When Jim walked in the door and smelled the
wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen, I wish you could have seen the smile on his
face. He said, "I thought that conference was all day?" I told him that it was, but I came
home early because I had something more important to do. Sometimes you can get too
busy, even if you are doing good things, remember to prioritize. I have been a lot better
about saying "no" when I already have a lot to do. I've also learned to ask for help and
delegate a little more.
I left the conference early that day because I needed to come home - I wanted to come
home and I am so glad that I did.
Tomorrow is not promised - spend time with your loved ones. If you are married, spend
time with your spouse. If y'all are blessed to have children, do something together as a
family. Turn the phones off and thank God that you still have each other.
May you and your loved ones be blessed during this most Holy Week.
Remember - that before the Resurrection, before the "He is Risen" -
Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins.
Take care of your family and love one another.
Pray and pray and thank God for each day.
                                                            Many blessings to you and yours,
                                                                        Bye for now, Sharla

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