Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Make Spending Time With Your Family A Priority!

Hello out there! I have so much to say. It has been over a week since my last post.
This will probably be one of my crazy posts! The kind of post where I jump back and
forth from one story to another!
I will begin with what an absolutely beautiful day it has been. Jim and I went for a
walk first thing this morning. There was a slight nip in the air but it felt great to be
outside. We saw a road runner watching us from the brush. He took off running and I
listened for the "Beep-Beep" that you would always hear in that crazy cartoon! We saw
three male cardinals along our route and listened to their pretty songs. One was right on
the tip top of a tree just singing up a storm - Jim said that he was calling his girlfriend!
We finished our walk and when we got home, Jim popped some bread in the toaster
while I got ready. Toast with butter and I mean real butter and Red Plum Jelly is the
best! I drank a big mug of coffee and then dashed out the door. (I should have said,
"Beep-Beep"!) I went one direction and Jim was going in another direction. I helped
at the Sack Lunch Ministry for a little while. We had plenty of awesome volunteers!
The sacks were decorated with bright colored messages of God's love and reminders
of how special each one of us are. The children from Angelo Catholic School have
been decorating the sacks for us and they have done an outstanding job! I ran some
errands and then stopped at the grocery store. I decided to fix hamburgers for lunch.
I bought all the items needed for hamburgers and headed home. I sliced tomatoes and
purple onions while the patties were cooking. I cut up some lettuce and made a pitcher
of iced tea. Jim got home and sat down at the bar and we talked while I fixed our
plates. Homemade cheeseburgers with fresh vegetables are the best! I made a batch
of chocolate chip cookies on Monday and believe it or not - there are still some left!
This past week and a half Jim and I have both spent a lot of time with our grandkids.
We are very blessed to have eight of our grandchildren close by. We talked to our
granddaughters who live out of town last Friday. I mailed a package to them on
Saturday. We hope to see them soon. I've realized something during the past six
weeks or so. Sometimes I get a little too busy. Even if what  you are doing is a good
thing - you have to prioritize. God has blessed me with a wonderful family and I love
spending time with my husband, children, and grandchildren. The other day someone
asked me if I would consider taking on another project. I told them that I would pray
about it and let them know. After a busy weekend with my family I knew the answer.
My answer is no, thank you for thinking of me but my cup runneth over. My grandkids
still like to hang out with me! They don't care what we do they just like to spend time
with their Nana! What a blessing, what a gift! I've learned that it is okay to say no, and
when a moment of peace just washes over me, I know that God has given me an
answer to my prayers! Spend time with your family and if you are single, widowed
or lonely - reach out to others! Come and help us at the Sack Lunch Ministry or attend
one of the many classes that are offered at our parish or a parish or church close to where
you live. Let us take care of one another! And one more thing.....Please put down your
phones if you are eating out with your family. Talk to each other, ask about everyone's
day. Have a no cell phone rule when you are eating! It breaks my heart when I see parents
looking at their phones instead of talking to their children. Children grow up so fast!
Give them your time - give them your attention - let them know you love them!
                                                        Blessings to you and yours!
                                                                    Bye for now, Sharla

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