Thursday, October 1, 2015


Hello, Hello Out There! Today has been a beautiful day! I have a small flag hanging 
by my front porch that says, "Happy Fall, Y'all!" I laugh every time I read it, because
it sounds like it was made just for me!  Now................back to the serious, awesome
stuff going on in my life!
In my post yesterday, I was going to tell you about two more things that happened
last week, but I only had time to tell you one of the stories. So here is the second
I've told y'all about the kick-off rally, and shopping for the groceries at HEB, and
how we saved so much money, and the precious children's books we got for free
with our coupons. This is what happened next..........................
I am driving out of the HEB parking lot at about 12:30 p.m. and I remember that
I wanted to get a personalized pro-life t-shirt. Keep in mind, I need to be at the
courtyard by 3:00 p.m. to start setting up for the rally. I drive down the street to a
athletic store, park and run inside. I explain to the young lady that I know I waited
until the last minute, there anyway I can buy a t-shirt and have the
word ADOPTED printed across the front and pick it up by 2:30 p.m.? She goes
into the back and checks and then lets me know that they will be able to do it.
She brings out different colors of t-shirts for me to pick from. I pick hot pink and
ask if I can have something printed on the back also? She says, "yes" and so I am
standing there talking to myself trying to think of what I want on the back. I don't
even realize that the young lady is paying any attention to me until she says,
"How about, SAVED BY GRACE!?" My eyes fill up with tears and I reach across
the counter and pat her arm and tell her that she is an angel. She tells me not to cry
because she will start crying too! Isn't that the most amazing thing? I tell her why I'm
buying the shirt and invite her to come and join us in the courtyard. I pay for my
shirt and tell her that I will be back at 2:30 p.m. I call my friend, Candi on the way
home and tell her what just happened. She had been shopping with me at HEB.
Anyway, I go home and get ready. I pick up my shirt on the way to the courtyard,
and then I pick up one of the teenagers who is going to help set up. My husband
meets us up at the courtyard and other people arrive to help also. My friend, Candi
arrives in a baby blue t-shirt and turns around so I can read the print on the back,
"JESUS, PROTECT AND SAVE THE UNBORN!"  is what it said. She told
me that after I called her she went to the same store and bought her own
personalized t-shirt because she wanted to surprise me! I just hugged her, she is such
a blessing to me!
I've already told y'all how wonderful the rally was, how thankful I am for all of my
wonderful friends and my sweet, supportive family. I love sharing this story with
all of you.
I pray that you are all blessed with love and laughter, with hugs and tears.
I pray that you are blessed with family and friends, and most importantly
the knowledge that God loves YOU so very much.
Life is a gift from God, and how we live our life is our gift back to God.
                Blessings, blessings to you and yours!     Bye for now, Sharla              

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