Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Good Morning Out There! It is beautiful outside! The sun is shining and there is
a cool breeze in the air, I love the weather in the fall! I only have time for a quick
post, but I just have to share this with y'all before I head out the door to the court-
yard! I posted a picture to go with this story. (The story is from Monday and Tuesday)
A couple of years ago Jim and I visited some of the Painted Churches east of San Antonio.
This picture was taken in Praha, (Flatonia) at St. Mary's -
The Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic church. The grotto outside was
beautiful. I love this picture of my husband, Jim reaching up and holding our
Blessed Mother's hands. He really sees things in a better light than I do most of the time.
Here is a current example: Monday night Jim tells me that he has felt a tug at his heart
to pray for Cecile Richards (CEO of Planned Parenthood), to pray that her heart be softened.
He tells me to ask the people praying in the courtyard to pray for her. I think that this is a
great idea, so I spread the word to please pray for a conversion of heart for her.
Everyone is on board, one of my sweet friends said that of course we should pray for her,
not one person was negative. Now here is the rest of the story and probably why I need
to go to confession Wednesday afternoon! A couple of hours ago (Tues. evening)
Jim and I were visiting and I told him that I asked everyone to pray for Cecile Richards
and then I told him my prayer (this is where going to confession comes in). I told him
that I prayed that she would have a dream where she stands in heaven and all the babies
that have been killed from abortion flash before her and that she sees the flames of hell
below her and that God tells her that she must change to enter the Kingdom of Heaven,
and that the dream would truly scare the hell right out of her! Jim looked kind of shocked
and said, I was just talking about praying for a conversion of heart, but I guess if that is
what it takes! Anyway, my prayer was probably not appropriate, but I just want her to
realize how horrible abortion is and so you know, I will be in confession on Wednesday
telling our priest how praying for that was not nice and that we should just pray that
her eyes be opened and her heart be touched!
Dear God, thank you for my husband who is such a good and devout man who truly
cares for every one and is always praying for every one. Please help me to have a more
open heart. Amen.
Please do pray for everyone to realize the true horror and death that abortion brings.
Please pray for all who work in the abortion business to have a change of heart.
A baby's heart starts beating just 18 days after conception, isn't that amazing?
I hope you all have a wonderful day!   Blessings, Sharla


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