Friday, October 9, 2015


Good Morning Out There! It rained yesterday afternoon and last night, I'm always
thankful for the rain! It is nice and cool this morning, overcast and looks like we
may receive some more showers. That is enough about the weather forecast, I don't
have much time so I have to move on to the next item!
It has been a wonderful week in the courtyard! Beautiful weather, awesome people,
super-great kids, sidewalk chalk drawings and messages that will grab your heart and
bring tears to your eyes! Praying for an end to abortion, praying for the babies, born and
unborn. Praying for the mothers, praying for the fathers, and just praying for families
everywhere. I have to share this one story with you. There is a mom who brings her
children with her to pray. Her daughter is nine and her son is pre-school age. They pray
the pro-life rosary and the children draw with the sidewalk chalk. I wasn't in the court-
yard during the time they stopped by to pray, but I knew that they had been there without
even looking at the sign-in sheet. I saw a chalk drawn picture of a lady with a tear on
her cheek and the message said, "Abortion hurts the mothers too." The other
picture  was of Spider Man, and the message said,
 "Spider Man will adopt the babies." I smiled, kind of a sad smile, because it hurt
my heart that these beautiful children truly see the ugly truth about abortion. Their
sweet little hearts know the truth.
When I see the young mothers out there praying with their little ones, sometimes
pushing them in a stroller around and around the courtyard as they pray, I smile and
I thank God. When I see the teenagers out their praying, I smile and I thank God.
When I see people my age and older in the courtyard praying, I smile and I thank God.
When I hear the laughter of little ones playing in the courtyard, I smile and I thank God.
Last night I went to the Pregnancy Help Center Dinner/Banquet. I'm a table host and the
yearly fund-raising event is always enjoyable. The Pregnancy Help Center does
exactly what their name says, it helps young ladies and women. They provide free
pregnancy tests, free sonograms, parenting classes for the mothers and the fathers.
They give away baby clothes of all sizes, everything has been washed, even the new
clothes. They give away maternity clothes and all the people who volunteer and
work there are so supportive, caring and helpful. The young parents earn points for
every class they attend and then they use their points to purchase items like diapers,
wipes, baby shampoo, etc. This is the website:
If you go to their website there is a phone number you can call to find a pregnancy help
center in your area. This is a really important thing to remember, pregnancy help
centers do not take any money from you, they truly want to help you and your
baby. Planned Parenthood is a business, and they only care about the money you
will pay them. The abortion industry is a money making business, don't forget that.
I am going to re-post something I wrote a while back because I feel like it needs to
be re-written and re-read again.
The world we live in today believes that a woman's choice is more important than a baby's life,
and that is a lie. The world we live in today believes "live and let live," unless you are a baby in
your mother's womb. If  you are pregnant, there are two lives to think about now, two lives to
take care of. Please, choose life for your baby. I've talked to women who are still devastated about
an abortion they had years ago. It has taken decades for some women to finally heal after an
abortion. I've read articles, and heard testimonials, I've cried with women as they have shared their stories with me. I write this blog not only to save the baby, but to save the young woman from the heartache, and guilt she feels after having an abortion. No one wants to talk about this subject because it just isn't very comfortable, it is certainly not politically correct unless you are pro-abortion, and people just don't want to get involved. So, here I am, because I truly care, I truly want to make a difference. I want to get the message out there, abortion is an ugly lie. I'm not saying that choosing adoption for your baby will be easy, and I'm also not saying that raising your baby will be easy. But I know if you choose life for your baby, once you hold your sweet baby boy or baby girl in your arms, you will make the right decision for both of you.
A baby's heart starts beating just 18 days after conception, listen to your heart, place your hands over your stomach and think about the baby boy or baby girl that is growing inside you, that tiny little life is a miracle and needs you. Listen to your heart, don't listen to the world. You are strong enough to take care of your baby, and if you choose adoption, you are doing what you feel like is best for your baby. Please choose life for your baby, there are people out there who will help you.
I wrote that post over a year ago and the words just stay in my head and on my heart. I hear the
pro-abortion people tell women that they can be anything they want to be, but then they tell
them that they aren't capable of taking care of their own child? What kind of sick advice is that?
I am here to tell you that your child is a gift, a miracle, a human being, and .....
Well, I guess y'all know how I feel. I have to get ready to head to the courtyard.
I wish that every day I could write about something silly and light hearted. I wish that I
could just bring a smile to your face. But I have to write what is in my heart, I have to be
honest. This blog is my way of trying to do something, trying to reach someone, and praying
that God will guide my hands and that I will type His words.
                                                            Bye for now, Sharla

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