Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Good Morning Out There! A quick post before I head to the courtyard! I forgot to
tell y'all about a couple of other really warm your heart kind of things that happened
last week! I shared with y'all about the baptisms of our two youngest granddaughters,
and that we went out to eat afterwards. After the second baptism, a week ago Sunday,
we went out to eat at a family owned Mexican restaurant in Ballinger, TX. My son
and his family go there after Mass quite often so they know all about our family. He
told them about the 40 Days for Life campaign. The owner and her daughter make
rosaries and they told him that they would like to make some special rosaries for me
to give away during the 40 days campaign. Right when Jim and I walked into the
restaurant we were greeted with hugs from the owner. She calls out to her daughter that
I am the one that they are making the rosaries for. She comes to greet me and says that
she will dash home and pick up the rosaries that they have already made. Plus, she wants
to make a couple of copies with information about what the different colors of beads
mean. I was just overwhelmed at their welcome. These beautiful, warm people touched
my heart in a way that I just can't describe. The daughter comes back and has
15 beautiful rosaries that they had made, and tells me that they will make more.
The beads are bright and colorful.

Pro-Life Rosary Colors represent:
WHITE - For the intentions of our Holy Father.

ORCHID- The Lord's passion and death, increase in faith, hope, and love in
all people so that all people will CHOOSE LIFE, also in reparation for
the suffering Christ endures each time an unborn baby is killed, someone is
euthanized, or whenever death overcomes life in this world.

AQUA - For the intentions of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
WHITE  - For peace in our world.

RED - In reparation for the blood spilled from every baby aborted.
WHITE - For the mothers and fathers of these little ones, that they may
receive the grace to repent.

BLACK - For the medical profession that participates in pro-death activities.
WHITE - For their conversion.

RED - All anti-life laws in the nation/world be reversed.
WHITE - Strengthening of every pro-life law.
BLUE - For new and strong pro-life laws to be enacted in our nation/world.

GREEN - Our hope for mercy, justice, truth, peace, and life will be realized.
WHITE - To end all pro-death activities through the intercession of
Mother Mary, under the titles of:
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Queen of Peace
Our Lady of Fatima
Mary, Undoer of Knots

I found out later that the owner's son has been praying for me. I can't tell you
how humbled I feel, and how very thankful I am for his prayers. My life was truly
touched that day, there is know way to describe how grateful I am for this wonderful,
faithful, pro-life family. I felt like I was given a beautiful gift from God.

I didn't expect this first story to take so long...................I really have to get to the
courtyard so I will write about the other heartwarming story later!
            Blessings to  you and yours!       Bye for now, Sharla

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