Friday, September 25, 2015


Good Evening Out There! The Kick-Off Rally was great and the 40 Days
for Life Campaign has begun! This has been a wonderful week! My heart
has been so blessed by all the helping hands that pitched in to make the Kick-
Off such a success. My dear pro-life friends and family helped set up tables and
chairs. They set up the canopies, decorated with balloons, fixed and served the
hot dogs and kept the ice chests stocked with waters. Cookies and brownies
were brought by the families, and some people dropped off cookies even
though they weren't able to stay.
One of my best friends met me at HEB to buy the groceries for the rally. We had
so much fun, and you would not believe the coupons and sales that were exactly
for what we needed! Our God is an awesome God, and we saved so much money
at the store. You won't believe this, but HEB had coupons for the cutest little children's
books, many of them bible stories and we got twenty-four of them for free! We
were so excited and we were able to give each family with children a beautiful
book at the rally! The music ministry from our parish out did themselves with
praise and worship songs. They passed out song sheets and we sang along, we
also got up and did the hand motions and danced to many. The children danced
and colored the courtyard pavement with creative and thought provoking sidewalk
chalk pictures and messages. We had students from the Pro-Life Rams and the
Newman Center from the college come and join us, they seemed to have a great time.
The courtyard is in the down-town area and a couple of the homeless men stopped by
to see what was going on, we invited them to come and eat, and they did! One of them
even stayed and helped us put up the chairs and tables. An absolutely great way to start
the 40 days!
I drove up to the courtyard on Wednesday morning at about 6:50 a.m. There
were already three people praying! Everyday has been a blessing! Yesterday the
Mom's Group held their weekly meeting in the courtyard. Four beautiful young
women, one expecting her second son soon, there were two baby girls, and two
toddler boys! Listening to their laughter and squeals made me smile.
I looked out from where I was sitting and noticed a man who comes to get a lunch
from the Sack Lunch Ministry sitting on one of the benches, another man, a
parishioner was praying the rosary, the moms were visiting, the toddlers were
playing, and I just thought what a perfect picture!
I have to go and wash the dishes now. I'll keep you posted about the blessings in
the courtyard! Have a wonderful weekend and please take just a moment each
day to say a prayer for the unborn, for babies, for families everywhere!
Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14
                                                               Bye for now, Sharla

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