Monday, January 9, 2017

New House Shoes, Bobby Pins, Veils/Mantillas, and Pork Chops at 9:00 p.m.

Good Morning out there! I guess you can tell by the title I have chosen that this is
going to be one of those posts about..........everything! Oh my goodness, I am thankful!
I don't know about you all, but many times I am running around with one shoe on and
one shoe off! Jim knows how I am, he ought to, we've been married for more than
thirty-three and a half years now! Many times I'll be running through the house looking
for this or that right before we are leaving to go somewhere. That will help explain part
of this post!
First things first! I love Christmas! I love the whole Christmas Season! Jim and I do
not go overboard buying things for each other. We both know the "Reason for the
Season" and we are both very practical and just down right thankful people! The gifts
we buy each other are usually necessary things that we probably should have already
gone out and bought. This year I needed new house shoes. I mean literally needed them.
My old house shoes were worn completely out and I finally threw them away about ten
days before Christmas Day. I needed a new purse. I only have one purse at a time and
I hang onto it for years. I think this one had hit the five year mark. This purse looked so
bad that Jim would say, "You're not going to take that into church are you?" And I
would say, "Of course not!" And stuff it under the back seat! Jim needed new work
shirts. I mean he really needed new work shirts! He is a welder and his old shirts had
holes everywhere. The cuffs were torn and I had stitched them up all they could be
stitched up. His t-shirts had more holes in them than his work shirts did. He also needed
some more bandanas. You would not believe the number of bandanas that man has
given away! The grandkids have a runny nose - Jim gives them his bandana. Someone
is crying at church - Jim gives them his bandana. Someone is crying at a funeral - you
get the message. On Christmas morning Jim and I opened our presents to each other. The
kids and grandkids don't come over until about lunch and we open presents with them
at that time. Our kids are amazed at how far their dad has come. He goes out and buys
my presents and they don't even have to go with him. They do get a lot of phone calls
during this time! He even wraps my presents! Anyway, back to Christmas morning.
Jim opens his presents; new work shirts, new t-shirts, bandanas, and a big can of whole
cashews. He is happy. I open my presents; new house shoes, a new purse (and he did
a really great job picking it out!) new socks, a massage thing for my neck because I am
always complaining about my neck hurting, and bobby pins! I am thrilled with everything!
The package of bobby pins was stuffed into one of my fuzzy lined house shoes. I know
you are wondering about the bobby pins. You will just love this story because I love it!
About fifteen months ago I started wearing a veil to Mass. The reason why is another story
for another day. When I decided to start wearing a veil I went to Trudo's Religious Store
and bought a black veil and a white veil. I realized right away that I needed a bobby pin
to keep the veil on my head. I dug through a drawer and found a handful of bobby pins. I
put them in the bag where I keep my veils. Over time the bobby pins have disappeared.
About a week before Christmas we were headed to Mass. Jim was driving and I was digging
through the cup holders looking for a bobby pin. I finally found one and shouted out
gleefully, Yes! Jim just looked at me and shook his head. This type of scenario happened
often. So on Christmas morning when I found the large package of bobby pins inside my
house shoe - I laughed and gave Jim a big hug and told him he was the best husband ever
because he is always taking care of me. He is listening even when I don't think he is!
Back to my title - The only thing left is: Pork Chops at 9:00 p.m.
Last Friday, Jim and I ate a late lunch. We had a bowl of hearty beef stew, left overs from
the night before. I was going to fix pork chops for dinner but we really weren't that hungry
because we had eaten a late lunch. We snacked on some chips and hot sauce while we
watched television. About 9:00 p.m. I decided that I was hungry and pork chops sure
sounded good. Jim told me that he would cook them and he did! About 9:45p.m. we
both ate a pork chop sitting in front of the fireplace (best campfire ever)!
I am very thankful for my husband. I am thankful that we are both practical people and
that we realize what is truly important! Spend time with your loved ones! Make the
most out of every moment! The small gestures, kind words, hugs, laughter, remembering
neat moments from the past, and taking care of each other is what life is all about!
I hope you all have a really wonderful week! Reach out and help someone else have a
really wonderful week also!
                                                                       Blessings to you and yours!
                                                                                       Bye for now, Sharla

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