Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Family Time, Birthdays, Sugar Cookies, and Rice!

Hello out there! Christmas is almost here! Jim and I finished setting up our large nativity
scene on the front porch last Saturday morning. I usually wait and place Baby Jesus in
the manger on Christmas Eve. Jim and I backed up and looked at the nativity scene;
Mother Mary, Joseph, the angel, the three wise men, the animals, and the star. The little
manger between Mary and Joseph was empty. I stood there and looked and told Jim
that I didn't want to wait this year. I went back inside the house, carefully lifted my
statue of Baby Jesus out of the box. I swaddled the statue of Baby Jesus with a blanket
and placed him in the manger. I stepped back and told Jim to come and look. We both
agreed that the nativity scene was just right. For some reason I just didn't want to wait
this year. Our grandkids noticed right away. I  told them that we would still sing
Happy Birthday to Baby Jesus on Christmas Day! They all love the nativity scene but
I have to watch the little ones because they want to pick the statue of Baby Jesus up!
December is such a special month! Our son's birthday was last Friday and our daughter's
birthday is today. Wonderful memories of birthdays past and so thankful that we still get
to celebrate their special day with them now. Our daughter-in-law made a beautiful
quilt out of our son's old t-shirts. Memories of T-Ball, Little League, Football, Power-
Lifting, college days and more were lovingly sewn into this beautiful quilt. A plate
stacked high with homemade chocolate chip cookies was the "cake" of his choice. He
loves to barbecue and he cooked for everyone. We all brought side dishes and had a
great time. I'm skipping around a little bit but that is how my mind is working tonight!
Back to Saturday: We set up the Nativity Scene in the morning and then I went shopping
right about lunch time. Jim stayed home and stacked firewood on the back porch and
cleaned out the fireplace and brought some wood inside. By 4:15 p.m. (approximately)
the weather changed dramatically. I was on my way home when the temperature dropped
from 78 down to 52 degrees in a matter of minutes. I finished all of my errands and
stopped to fill up with gas. I called Jim on my way home and asked if he had started
a fire yet. He laughed and told me that there would be a roaring fire in the fireplace by
the time I got home. We ate dinner in the living room by the fireplace, watched old
movies, and wrapped presents. Sunday morning we woke up early, bundled up because
it was 19 degrees and drove to Austin to meet our oldest son and his family at a barbecue
place. We haven't seen them since September so we were ready for lots of hugs and
a nice visit. We ate lunch and then we loaded up our granddaughter's suitcases, blankets,
etc. because they were coming back home with us! I picked up some audio books from
the library on Saturday. Our granddaughters snuggled under their blankets and we
listened to the Junie B. Jones stories all the way home! We have listened to them all
before but they still make us laugh. We got back to San Angelo about 4:30 p.m. and
went to the 6:00 p.m. Mass. Our son was at Mass with his three oldest children (our two
grandsons, and another one of our granddaughters) and our daughter, son-in-law
and their three daughters were at Mass also. Her oldest daughter and our son's oldest
son and oldest daughter served as altar servers. We all met at Rosa's CafĂ© after Mass.
Monday was a busy day of this and that. Tuesday was a baking day. We made a double
batch of Chex Mix, a double batch of fudge, and a double batch of sugar cookie dough.
Everyone was coming over Tuesday night to eat dinner and decorate sugar cookies. The
girls and I were ready! Imagine this; ten grandchildren ranging in age from 21 months to
almost eleven years old. Our son and his wife, our daughter and her husband, and Jim and
myself! Sixteen people in our modest size home, we were just missing our oldest son
and his wife and we wished they were with us! We ate Chinese food, it was good and
there was rice everywhere! We rolled out the dough and cut out sugar cookie stars.
We covered the cookies with sugar sprinkles and then we baked them and ate them!
We opened some presents and then everyone went back home except for two of our
granddaughters who were staying one more night! I stayed up late with them watching
Santa Claus 3 and then I tucked them in bed and crashed instantly! This morning I
washed their dirty clothes and helped them pack while Jim made cheese quesadillas
and helped us load up. The girls and I were on the road once more heading to meet
their other grandmother in a little town a little over two hours away. We listened to
Junie B. Jones and soon we arrived. We transferred luggage and hugged and said
our goodbyes. I prayed the rosary on the way home and made out a mental list of things
that needed to be done. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up the things on my
list. I arrived home safely and got busy once more. My daughter asked if I would make
spaghetti for her birthday like I used to years ago. They usually go out to eat on her
birthday and we will take care of the girls. I love to cook for my family, especially on
special days! Spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, and garlic bread was on the menu. She
made her own birthday cake (chocolate chip cookie bars with icing)! Our son-in-law
washed all the dishes and helped to tidy things up! Yes, this month is full of blessings
and in just four days we will celebrate "The Reason for the Season!" Our Dear Savior's
                                                      Blessings to you and yours!
                                                               Bye for now, Sharla

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  1. This was beautiful, Shar. I wish you all a most special Christmas. God bless each of the Jim Ynostrosa family.
    And God bless the babies
    I love you
    Aunt Carolyn