Friday, July 22, 2016

Here I am, Lord - Here I am

Hello Out There - A quick post before I dash out the door! Please pray for the babies
today! The unborn and their families are really on my heart. This morning I prayed for
them as I walked - I pray for them every morning but this morning I really cried out
to God, Our Father to please spare their little innocent lives. I prayed for a conversion
of hearts. I prayed that the abortionists would be overcome with grief and dismay and
shame for ending the lives of the precious unborn babies. I prayed for the mothers and
I prayed for the fathers that they would realize that this is their baby, their own flesh and
blood. I wish I had more time to write today but I have so much to do I don't have time.
I couldn't leave until I wrote this short little post imploring each of you to please pray.

I just opened my "Living Faith - Daily Catholic Devotions" and the title just jumped off
the page - Seeking, Weeping, Finding
This is the scripture for today -
Jesus said to her, "Woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you looking for?"
                                                         John 20:15

 I'm really weeping now!  Dear Jesus, I'm looking for You in everyone I see! I'm
weeping for the unborn and for the mothers and the fathers. I'm weeping and sobbing
and crying out to You because I just don't know what to do - You have placed this message
so on my heart but what do I do? What do I say - Please Jesus help me, please show me
the way! My heart aches and my tears flow, I cry out to You to save the unborn. I pray
for conversion of hearts because only You can soften their hearts. Please Dear God,
please have mercy on us - please God help us with this fight - help us be strong, courageous
and true - help us not give up! Dear God, I hear you and I'm listening and I'm trying but
please open my eyes if there is something I'm missing that I'm not seeing. Here I am,
Lord, here I am. Amen.

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