Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Following God's Commandments is the Road to Peace

Good Morning Out There - It is a beautiful summer day. I'm going to help at the
Sack Lunch Ministry today so this will be a short post. I had a wonderful time last
week with my grandchildren. Two of our granddaughters who live out of town spent
the whole week with us. We spent a lot of time with their cousins. That means all
ten grandkids and a very busy week! We spent Friday afternoon at the Municipal Pool.
My daughter, daughter-in-law and I decided that the next time we go swimming we
will wait until the dads can go with us! Two of my younger granddaughters, ages
three and four would stand on the side of the pool and jump to me. They loved it but
the next day I realized that I am not as young as I used to be and my right shoulder
has been really out of whack! Warm compresses, Advil and no heavy lifting this week
and it will heal. I'm very thankful for my family and that Jim and I get to spend time
with our grandchildren. A few of our adventures were - coloring sacks for the
Sack Lunch Ministry, going to the library downtown and checking out books and funny
audio books, swimming and 4th of July fireworks. We also went to the noon Mass on
Thursday and Friday. A surprise birthday party for our daughter-in-law was celebrated
on Wednesday evening. I counted 31 children at the party, ten of them were my
grandchildren! They had so much fun and the food was great! The Acapulco Mexican
Restaurant from Ballinger catered the meal. They have a wonderful family owned
restaurant and are dear friends of ours and everyone who was at the party. By the way -
yes, she was surprised, very happy and thankful!

I'm still thinking about all the sadness in our country right now. The daily scripture
readings really reflect what our country and the whole world is going through. We
need to turn back to God. We need to wake-up and realize that violence and hate are
not the answer. We need to take care of each other and try to figure out peaceful
and helpful solutions.

The scripture for yesterday was -
 Cease doing evil; learn to do good. Isaiah 1:16-17

 Blessings and Peace to you and yours - Bye for now, Sharla

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