Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hello Out There! I'm listening to the beautiful, soothing sound of rain falling!
I hope you all are having a good week. I have been busy catching up on book work and
laundry! I made a big pot of spicy chicken and dumplings for lunch today. Jim's
working at home right now so I just hollered out the back door, lunch is ready!
Apparently he didn't hear me, with the rain beating down on the shop roof and all,
so I called him on his cell phone. Isn't that crazy? Calling someone on the phone when
they are right outside, oh well, it worked! We've eaten lunch, he's gone back out to the
shop and I decided to sit down and write for awhile.
This morning I looked through my Heritage House catalog. It has all kinds of pro-life
items. Everything you might need for display tables, conferences, 40 days campaigns,
Respect Life Week, etc. you will find in this catalog, or you can shop online.
Their website is:
Their items include things like; pro-life t-shirts, banners, bumper stickers, bulletin
inserts, pamphlets, pins and more! I would love to order one of all their t-shirts!
I think I'm going to order the t-shirt that says, "Pro-Life Chick" and it has a
baby chick on it! Another one of my favorites says,
 "I Am A Voice For The Voiceless." All the t-shirts have really great messages on them.
Today I was looking for a particular item:
Fetal Models - The Touch of Life Set
The description on the box says, "Soft, life-like and exquisite detail" and has information
about the gestation of a baby from conception to birth. There are four fetal models:
a baby at 12 weeks (14 LMP), 16 weeks (18 LMP), 22 weeks (24 LMP), and
26 weeks (28 LMP). I have a set of these fetal models and I set them up on my display
table along with pamphlets during the 40 Days for Life campaign kick-off rallies and
at other pro-life talks I have given.
The children are really drawn to these life-like babies. Teenagers are always amazed
at how they look just like a baby even when they are very small. Each fetal model
looks like how a baby would look at that stage of development. I ordered two sets today.
Jim and I are donating a set to the Pro-Life Rams, a pro-life group of students from
Angelo State University and the other set is for Raiders Defending Life, a pro-life
group of students from Texas Tech University. I went to a pro-life conference that the
Pro-Life Rams sponsored about a month ago and I noticed that they had the small set
of fetal models, 7 weeks - 10 weeks out on display. I told them about the display set
I had and asked them if they would like to have a set of the 12 weeks -26 weeks and
they said, "Yes!" About 10 students representing Raiders Defending Life were at the
conference also. The president of the group is from here and I asked her if they would
like a set. These pro-life students work really hard to defend life and I am thankful
that we are able to provide these fetal model displays for them to use at their events!
Jim says I have to wait and order the t-shirts later, that's ok, I think everyone knows
that I'm a pro-life chick! AND that I try really hard to be a voice for the voiceless!
That makes me think of something else that is kind of funny................
When Jim and I were out of town last weekend I said something about how our white
truck is incognito because there are so many white trucks. Jim replied
that it is kind of hard to be incognito when you have "In God We Trust" in black on
the tail gate, a bumper sticker that says "40 Days for Life - Pray to End Abortion"
and a 91.5 Catholic Radio Station bumper sticker on the rear of the white truck! I
started laughing hard, because what he said was so true! I thought oh my goodness,
I'm talking even when I'm not talking, and that is ok because that's just me!
I hope y'all have a great day!
Go out and be a voice for the voiceless! Pray to end abortion! Hug your kids, hug
your spouse, and thank God, thank Him and thank Him and thank Him!
                                                                 Bye for now, Sharla

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