Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Hello Out There! We've been blessed with rain! This message I want to share has
really been on my heart. I've been trying to find the right words to say, but maybe
I just need to jump right in and write the way I feel! Because the truth is, the way
I feel is the way I write. Some of my posts are fun and light hearted, but all of my
posts come from my heart.
I want to get the message out there that adoption is a life option. I would love to see
billboards and commercials and magazine covers about people who have been
adopted. I want to hear adoption stories because I know how special each story is!
I want people to know that babies are a gift. If you are in a crisis pregnancy and
this is not the right time for you to have a baby, please consider adoption for your
baby. I was blessed to have been adopted at birth and I want to share the message
that adoption is a life giving option! I see the commercials on television where the
movie stars are holding a puppy or a kitten and they are crying, begging people to
adopt these poor innocent animals. That is fine, but what about the poor, innocent
babies? What about the unborn, where are the tears? Where is the compassion?
Why are people so afraid to speak up for the human babies? If I had the money to
pay for advertising on billboards about adopting the human babies, I would. Maybe
I need to get more information about how much it costs and have a fund raiser.
Maybe that is why God has placed this so on my heart. I write these posts but I
must do more. Thanks for listening, just writing about this has helped me. It is
time for me to take the next step. If you have some ideas please share them with
me. I will keep you posted on the billboard idea. I wrote a post back in September
of 2014 and I am going to re-post it today because the words I wrote then are how I
feel again. God bless you all from wherever you are.
A post from September 2014: (I've tweaked it a little bit, just following
my heart!)
You know, things don't always go as we plan, dream or hope. Many times God is
reminding us that He is in charge of our lives, not us. Maybe it's a job loss, a transfer,
not getting the house you want, or maybe it's something like not having good enough
credit for an expensive vehicle or maybe just any kind of vehicle! An unplanned
pregnancy definitely changes everything, absolutely changes how you live your life,
but if you stop and think about it, this baby is a gift from God. Maybe you need a
new direction. This baby will change your life for the better, this baby is part of you.
To all the men out there, no matter what age you are, if your girlfriend or wife is
pregnant, be a real man. Take care of your family, take care of your responsibilities.
Love, protect and support them, be proud to be called dad. As far as that goes,
be proud to be a husband! Take pride in yourself and say "Hey, it's going to be ok,
we can do this." Your girlfriends, your wives, they need to hear you say,
"We're a family, yes this changes everything, but for the better!"
Children need their mothers and their fathers, babies are such a blessing,!
When did we get so off track. We need commercials and television shows that
support family instead of the stupid stuff that's on. We need magazine covers that
have positive messages about happy families and not the tabloid trash
that is on the rack right by the check out stand in the stores. 
Men, step up to the plate and be a loving and supportive dad. Be a great boyfriend,
better yet, be a great husband, make the commitment that says this is for real,
this is forever! I realize that the majority of men are wonderful husbands and dads
who take great care of their families. I personally know many men who are the ones
raising their children.  The single dads I know are amazing, and they do a great job
taking care of their children.
I am talking about the young men who drive their girlfriends to the abortion facilities
and/or those who push them into having an abortion. A baby is not a choice, a baby
is a gift, a unique individual and should be loved and cherished. Choosing adoption
for your baby if you are not able to raise them, is choosing life. I'm not saying that
adoption would be an easy decision but at least you would be choosing life, giving
your baby a chance, just like the chance I was given.
I keep seeing all the challenges on face book to raise money for good causes,
and there is nothing wrong with that. But here is a real challenge, take care of your
family. Be there for your family day in and day out. The world tells you that partying
is the way to go. Bar hopping gets old and what a sad, empty, lonely life.
Being part of a loving, caring family is the most amazing gift you can have, and
give back to others. Put God first, find a parish home, get involved, spend time with
your family. Pray with your family, attend Mass or church with your family.
 A good marriage is such a blessing and it is worth all the time and effort.
Communication and respect are really important in all relationships.
Ladies, motherhood is the most amazing gift, but be careful who you pick to date
and marry, make sure they want the same things in life that you do. The same goes
for men also! Men and women, please make sure that your children, no matter what
their age, are protected, loved and nurtured!
Spend time with them, turn off all the phones at meal time. When you are in the car
driving them here and there, talk to them, sing with them, laugh with them, pray with
them! Tune out the world and tune into family.
This ugliness in our world will not change unless we change. We need to get our
priorities straight, we need to put God first, family second, and everything else will
fall into place.  To sum this all up, I'll say it again, a baby is a gift from God.
Our lives are gifts from God, what we do with our life, how we treat others,
how we love others, is our gift back to God.
So get out there! Reach out and take care of each other, take care of your family.
(I ended up adding a little more and now I want to close with the first couple of
paragraphs of my story, my life.)
Once upon a time, fifty or so years ago, a baby girl was born and she needed
a home. Never knowing the circumstances or the reason why, her birth mother
couldn't keep her, she had to say goodbye. This little baby girl was three days
old when a loving family came, and took her to their home. Now this baby girl
had a family of her own.
With love and joy and happiness this baby girl grew up, she never met a stranger
and her heart was full of love. She loved to hear the stories about her special day,
the day her family came and gave her their name.

                                                     Bye for now, Sharla

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