Friday, March 18, 2016


Good Morning Out There! The courtyard has been so full of life this week!
Every day in the courtyard brings a different kind of blessing. Monday night, there
were people from five different parishes praying for an end to abortion in the court-
yard. The Knights of Columbus Council from the Olfen, Rowena, Ballinger and
Miles area drove into town to pray the pro-life rosary and then headed back to
where they have their meetings. It probably took them 35 minutes or so to drive in
and I really appreciate their devotion and effort! (A couple of their wives were
with them too!)
Members of the St. Philomena Rosary group from St. Mary's and a married couple
from Sacred Heart were all praying in the courtyard. It was wonderful to see so
many people praying at once.
Tuesday morning I went to the courtyard and spent a couple of hours. My friend and
co-coordinator, Candi, was still there when I showed up. She arrives early and sets
everything up and stays to pray her daily devotions. We always have a quick visit
and sometimes not so quick before she leaves! We both agree about how special
the prayers in the courtyard are and the blessings of peace we receive.
My daughter and her three girls (3 of my granddaughters) came to pray. The girls
and I went inside to visit everyone at The Sack Lunch Ministry and then walked
over to the Cathedral to say a prayer while their mom was praying in the courtyard.
Then the girls drew pictures with the sidewalk chalk. The oldest was also busy
helping me with the two younger ones! They also said some prayers! My daughter
was praying in one area, another lady was praying across from her and the girls were
out in the middle. I was sitting on a bench visiting with a man who had picked up a
lunch and wanted some information about Mass times. I grabbed one of the daily
devotionals we had on the table and gave it to him. We walked over to the church
and went into the vestibule, it had been awhile since he had been inside a Catholic
church and he was very moved. I gave him a bulletin that lists the Mass schedule.
He was very thankful and seemed a bit happier when he left.
Wednesday was another beautiful day in the courtyard. The weather was perfect! The
sun was shining, there was a very slight breeze and it was just a gorgeous day! Little
sparrows and dove were flying in and out of the trees, hop hopping on the concrete,
and tweet tweeting their joyful songs! Several people stopped by the picnic table
where we have the sign-in sheet, the prayer books, rosaries, daily devotions and
brochures. They asked questions and visited and took some of the brochures and
devotions with them. It was one of those days I could have stayed all day! I left
about 2:30 p.m. and went to the grocery store. I was buying groceries for a dinner
I was going to cook that evening for some friends who were coming over. My
husband and I are sponsors for a couple who want to get married in the church.
We have known this young couple for years. We shared a wonderful meal and
discussed marriage preparation and talked about our own marriage. It was a
wonderful evening and we were very happy to spend time with this sweet couple.
They know that we are here for them and we will meet with them again.
I always say - a wedding is a day, a marriage is a life-time and if you want to have
good marriage, it takes work! Communication is very important, you can't read
each other's minds, so talk! God must be number one in your marriage, pray
together, pray for each other and attend Mass as a family. Pray when you wake
up, thank the Lord for a new day and ask for His help throughout the day.
Pray before meals, always thank God for the food you have to eat and ask Him
to be with those who don't. Pray before you go to sleep! Hold hands, hug, laugh
and be quick to forgive! Put down the phones! Talk to each other and make sure
your friends are on the same path you are! Remember to say thank you and please
and your welcome to each other.
Love is patient, love is kind! Marriage is awesome!
I'll have to tell y'all about the Chrism Mass and the blessings in the courtyard from
Thursday later!
Have a super great day, a day full of blessings!
                                                           Bye for now, Sharla

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