Sunday, March 6, 2016


Hello Out There! It is almost 11:00 p.m. on Sunday night and I am wide awake! Jim
and I have to be at the Adoration Chapel early tomorrow morning and I should already
be asleep! Oh well, since I'm not, I will use my time wisely and tell y'all what has been
going on during the 40 Days for Life in the courtyard! It is hard to believe that there are
only two weeks left in this campaign. I just sent out another invite to everyone on Face
Book about stopping by the courtyard and praying during the next two weeks. I also
attached a bunch of great pictures of people and children (my grandchildren) who have
been out in the courtyard. It really is a wonderful way to spend time with your family.
My whole family is involved. I have pictures of the grandkids watering the
plants, trimming the bushes, drawing with sidewalk chalk, praying, making posters,
signing people up before the campaign begins, and having fun at all the
Kick-Off Rallies! Thank goodness for my husband, he does so much to help me
get ready for the campaigns, and he is really great during the campaigns.
40 days is a long time and I am crazier than usual. The laundry stacks up, the house
cleaning is hit and miss as I run out the door, and he washes a lot of dishes!
He also helps set things up and he just fabricated (he's a welder) a beautiful iron
frame for the canvas picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe. He finished it yesterday,
and then he picked it back up today and made some minor modifications to it
(at my request) I know, I know - he is awesome! We are going to place it back in
the courtyard early tomorrow morning after we leave the Adoration Chapel.
I also have to tell you about all the faithful wonderful people who come and
pray. Every day is a blessing. I love driving up and seeing people praying, some
in groups, some by themselves. There are three different rosary groups that come and
pray the pro-life rosary on different days! My friend, Candi, who is also my official
right hand co-coordinator has been amazing! She has been such a blessing to me
and to our courtyard campaign! She arrives early and sets things up, helps me plan
the rallies and purchase the supplies. She is always smiling, and full of the Holy
Spirit! She remembers the things I forget, and everyone loves her!
We have so much fun when we go to the store, and I love bouncing ideas back and
forth with her. She is a great friend and a very faithful and devoted prayer warrior!
She and I decorated a prayer request box this past Friday. We are going to place it
on the table with the sign-in sheet and the prayer books. We have some note cards for
those who want to fill out a prayer request and drop it in the box.
The 10th grade Confirmation Class had a retreat at Sacred Heart yesterday. They
wrote wonderful, colorful pro-life messages all over the concrete slab in and around
the courtyard with sidewalk chalk. I saw their artwork this morning. My heart
felt so full and I thanked God for their parents and teachers.
This is our 4th - 40 Days for Life Campaign in the courtyard at Sacred Heart.
Each campaign has been unique and special in it's own way. Different blessings and more
blessings each time. The fellowship in the courtyard really warms your heart.
Peace and quiet, a shoulder to lean on, an ear to listen and warm hugs are just a few of
the added joys I have experienced!
I better close for now. I hope you all have a wonderful week. Please remember
to pray for the unborn and their families from wherever you are. I am going to close
with the sing-song poem I wrote during the first couple of days during this campaign.

"In my Father's courtyard this is what I see,
faithful smiling people looking back
at me.
In my Father's courtyard faith and love abound,
in my Father's courtyard
 prayers go round and round.
In my Father's courtyard this is what I see,
prayerful wonderful people looking back
at me.
In my Father's courtyard you'll feel His healing peace. 
In my Father's courtyard is where I long to be."

I just thought of another verse:

"In my Father's courtyard children laugh and play,
 drawing on the sidewalk as their parents pray
In my Father's courtyard families can be found,
in my Father's courtyard
prayers go round and round."

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