Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Hello Out There! I need to add another story to my post from this morning, you know, like
those promotional commercials, BUT WAIT! This morning I was in a sentimental, happy
mood. I wrote a post for my blog about my son's birthday and some other stuff. I made
the bed, opened the blinds, turned down the heat, straightened up what needed to be
straightened up and headed out the door. I also drank two cups of coffee while all of the
above was going on and then I chunked a handful of almonds and a few chocolate chips in
one of the kid's Tupperware cups to take with me (one of those personalized, protein
breakfast on the go type of thing)! I drove to Sam's and picked up supplies for the
Sack Lunch Ministry, this was the stock-up kind of day, not the run in and grab some
lunch meat and fruit on the go kind of day. I don't steer those big honkin carts very well
and the cashier had to stop me before I ran into register stand. I smiled kind of sheepishly
and thanked her. I loaded everything up into my pick-up truck and headed to the church.
Parishioners from St. Ambrose Catholic Church volunteered today. I was so happy to
see all of their smiling faces, and really happy that they helped me unload all those
groceries! Once everything was taken care of I dashed off to the YMCA to exercise
for a little bit. Then I dashed home to eat some lunch and as I was headed back out the
door to go and buy groceries for "The Ynostrosa Household" because lately, that has
been on the back burner, the BUT WAIT happened..................
Jim called and said that the clutch had gone out in our son's truck. Yes, the today is
his birthday, son's truck. This was the plan, Jim was leaving work to drive over there
so that our son could take his truck out to a job he was trying to finish up. Jim thought
that once our son's truck wasn't pulling the big honkin trailer, it would shift gears
better and he would just head back to work in that truck, but..................I needed to
keep my phone close by, just in case he needed me to come and get him. I drove to
Academy to pick up some gifts, I said some prayers on the way. I was just finishing
up when my phone rang, it was Jim, and he needed me to come and pick him up.
I paid for my items and drove across town. Jim and our son's truck were in a small
church parking lot. I rolled down the window and said, "What's the plan?" We talked
about some different ideas and decided to try and get the truck a little closer to home.
Jim said that he thought he could drive the truck real slow in 2nd gear and for me to
drive behind him with my hazard lights flashing. We drove like this for all of 2 blocks
and Jim pulled into another parking lot. I thought we were just going to have to
call a tow truck, but no, that was not Jim's idea. He told me to pull in front of the
truck and he would attach a chain from my rear bumper to his front bumper and I
could pull the truck....................I know what you are thinking, and yes, we have done
this before, more times than I care to remember! I rolled down my window, took off
my sunglasses, said some more prayers, and slowly started to drive. We weren't
even out of the parking lot before Jim motioned for me to stop. He parked the truck
and climbed in my truck. He said that it would just be better if he waited for our son
to come back when he finished his job and they would pull the truck. I was really
relieved. I drove Jim back to work, and when I started laughing he just looked at me
and shook his head. I said something like, we are getting too old for this, and then he
laughed too. I dropped him off and headed to Wal-Mart to buy
groceries for "The Ynostrosa Household". My basket was over flowing when I
checked out, I loaded all the groceries into my truck and drove home. I received
a call from my son telling me that he had just dropped off the trailer at our house
and he was going to pick up dad and they were going to pull his truck home.  I said
some more prayers, arrived home and unloaded all the groceries. I was getting ready
for church when I heard the guys drive up. I went outside and gave my son a hug and
told him that I was sorry that this happened on his birthday, and he said that was ok,
at least it didn't happen the other day when he was traveling out of town. I smiled,
because I'm glad that he has that (glass is half-full type of attitude)! We told him
to head home, he lives about 45 minutes away, and I knew that his wife had fixed his
favorite dinner and dessert for his birthday. He told me that his sister had just
called and that she was on her way with some goodies she had baked for him. We
told him to go on home, the goodies would still be "good" tomorrow!
Our daughter and granddaughter arrived, they brought in the gift and then my
granddaughter and I drove to the church for the "La Posada" celebration. It was
wonderful, I'm back at home, Jim's asleep and I am drinking a cup of sleepy
time tea and sharing my adventures with y'all! In one of my earlier posts I talked
about my adventures during advent, this one ranks pretty close to the top.............
right below what happened last week.............................Driving my truck right behind
Jim's truck while he pulled the stock trailer because the sheep messed up the wiring
for the lights!             Blessings to you and yours! Goodnight, Sharla

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