Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Rainy Day, Blessing #10, and The Bells at St. Boniface

Good Morning Out There! Perfect spring weather! The sun is shining, and there
is a cool breeze in the air! I opened up the windows to let the fresh air in. I hope
you all are having a wonderful week. This is Holy Week, a week full of blessings
and miracles and mercy and love.
I have so much to share with all of you. Blessings #10, another grandchild, another
sweet baby girl was born last week! March was full of blessings for our family.
Two baby girls were born just a couple of weeks apart! Two more grand-daughters
for us to love! Let met tell you about the Saturday before Blessing #10 arrived.
It was a rainy day, kind of gloomy. The morning was cold. I headed to the court-
yard (40 Days was still going on) about 7:00 a.m. I arrived and two people were
praying. I unlocked the door to the  hallway and a sweet lady came inside to pray
while the nice man stayed outside beneath the canopy to pray. I organized the prayer
books and put out a new sign up sheet. I read my daily devotionals and waited on
the next person to arrive. I drove home and starting cooking a pot of beans that
I had let soak over night. My daughter called and asked if I was still at the court-
yard, when I told her that no, I was home she told me that she and the girls were
coming over. While I waited, I added seasoning to the beans and grated cheese
for quesadillas. The girls arrived about noon. They were ready to eat! After lunch
and some play time we all settled down to rest for a bit. My oldest grand-daughter
was resting on the couch, covered up with a patch-work quilt my grandmother had
made. My daughter was asleep on the smaller couch, her hand resting protectively
over her stomach with Blessing #10 still nestled snug inside. I sat in the rocking
chair holding my younger grand-daughter, rocking back and forth. I quietly sang
the "Hail Mary" until my grand-daughter fell asleep. As I sat there, rocking back
and forth, I felt so at peace. The lights were out and the room was cool. All my girls
were sound asleep. I could smell the aroma of simmering beans in the air. I thought
about my husband and son who were working on the bells up in the bell tower at
St. Boniface and said a prayer. It went something like this, "Dear Lord, please don't
let them fall through the floor, down the stairs, or out of the windows. They are doing
this out of the goodness of their hearts and because they love you so much, so please
keep them safe. Amen." I rocked some more, holding my little one close, and
prayed again, "Dear God, thank you for my blessings, my husband, my sons and
their wives, and their children, my grandchildren. Thank you for my daughter,
her husband, and their children, my grandchildren. Thank you for the gift of our
lives. Thank you for this quiet moment, I love you so very much. Amen."
After a little while the girls woke up, and they headed back to their home. My
husband arrived safely, and I asked him about being in the bell tower. He said
something like, piece of cake and then grinned, because it wasn't! But that's him,
he doesn't complain, he just does what needs to be done, and that is just one of
the many reasons I love him so much! He also told me that they were having
Eucharistic Adoration at the same time they were up in the bell tower. I just
thought, how awesome is that? He said they probably prayed harder when they
heard all the metal banging above their heads going on and I laughed! I told him
that I hoped no "ugly" words were said, and he replied that no cussing had taken
place, but there may have been some raised voices, to which I raised my eye-brows
and kind of grinned! I asked if he wanted to ride with me to close up the courtyard
and he said, "Not really," but he went with me anyway. The next day we both spent
a lot of time at the courtyard, praying for the babies, praying for their  mothers and
their fathers. We prayed for families everywhere, and we thanked God for our many
blessings. The 40 Days for Life campaign ended on Palm Sunday. Please continue to
pray for the unborn and their families, they need our prayers. I'm going to close with
something I wrote last summer.
                                 "Gifts from heaven, babies are
                                      Gifts from God above
                                    Protect them, love them
                                      Sing songs of joy
                                            New life, new life
                                        How precious they are!"
                                                                                            Bye for now, Sharla

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