Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Courtyard, A Place Where You are Always Welcome

Hello Out There! The month of March has been full of life for our family. The spring
40 Days for Life campaign has been going on, we have been blessed with the birth of
grandchild number nine and are expecting the birth of grandchild number 10 sometime
next week. The girls out number the boys 4 to 1! Yes, we are very blessed to be the
grandparents of ten (this includes our granddaughter that is due to make her appearance
next week) healthy, happy, full of life and energy grandchildren.
I spent Tuesday with my daughter, and her three daughters, including the little one who
is due next week. We were also accompanied by three more of my granddaughters, those
old enough to enjoy lunch and a movie. We took them to see Cinderella and it was a really
good movie. I'm so thankful that I was able to spend the day with so many of my girls!
My mom died of cancer when I was twelve, so I really treasure the relationship I have
with my daughter.  I love spending time with all of my grandchildren, but Tuesday was
"just for girls." Life is amazing, two new babies born within a couple of weeks of each
other. Two baby girls growing up together as cousins and friends.
Today is Day 32 of the 40 Days for Life Campaign. I wanted to share something that
I realized on Thursday.
Even though we are not in front of an abortion facility, people come through the gates of the courtyard for many reasons. Some come to talk. Some just need a listening ear, some tell us
that they pray as they pass the signs and banners. One young man came in through the gates
asking, "Is this where we pray about abortion?" It was a very cold morning and we invited
him to sit down by the heater and pray with us. He sat down and we gave him a blanket to
cover up with, and he prayed with us for a while, thanked us and as he started to leave I 
asked him if he knew about the sack lunch ministry. His name is Michael, and he replied that
no, he didn't. So as the other ladies continued to pray I walked with him to the back of the
kitchen and showed him where they handed out the lunches and told him the times. I reached
out my hand to shake his as I said goodbye, but instead of shaking my hand he hugged me,
and said, "God Bless You,"  and then he went on his way. We have given away several 
rosaries, and booklets on how to pray the rosary. Some people take brochures with them, and
many stay and visit a while after they have prayed. The fellowship we all share is wonderful. 
We've told people about the sack lunch ministry, RCIA, and Mass times at the Cathedral. It is amazing what happens when you are just there, out in the open, a smile on your face, saying
come on in, we are here for you.
 So as you go about your day, hold your head high, make eye contact with people, and smile.
A smile goes a long way. And if you are out and about in San Angelo, come join us in the
courtyard at Sacred Heart, a place where you are always welcome.
                                                            Bye for now,  Sharla

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