Friday, June 16, 2017

Promoting Adoption by Sharing My Stories

Hello out there! I found this press release about my book, "Adopted and Blessed:
Words from my heart" on the internet yesterday: It was so neat to read what other
people have said about my book.
I was very excited - I hope you'll read it!

Yesterday morning Jim and I sat down and talked about how I need to go out and
really promote my book. I truly believe that my stories will not only help promote
adoption, but also encourage people with their faith and family life.
Jim reminded me why we worked so hard and spent the money to have the book
published. This book has never been about making money. We had been looking for
a way to promote adoption for the human babies. We checked the prices of advertising
on billboards, etc. Finally, we decided that the money we would spend on having my
short stories published would have a more lasting impact. We both believe in promoting
adoption as a loving life option and this book is our way of sharing the joy of adoption.
My book is also about so much more - it is also about our faith in God, promoting family
life and the love and respect we should have for our spouses. All the stories come from
my heart and my blog. Not all of the stories from my blog are published but most of them
are. The stories in my book are from when I first started my blog through
mid June of 2016.
If you think that this book would be a blessing to someone - let me know - I have given
many of my books away - we just want to help others. I am going to find someone to help
me set up a web site for my book. But until then, if you are interested in purchasing my
book, please go to Amazon Books. If you live in San Angelo or the surrounding area you
can find my book at Trudo's Religious Store and Eggemeyer's General Store.
Let me know if your church is having a benefit auction and I will be happy to donate a
book or two.

Please help Jim and I promote the beautiful life option - adoption!

The following is the short video trailer for my book:

                                                 Blessings and peace to you and yours!
                                                                 Bye for now, Sharla

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