Monday, May 22, 2017

Everyone Has A Story To Tell

Hello out there! It is almost midnight, the wind is blowing and lightning is flashing
across the sky. It is raining hard right now. I fixed a cup of herbal, sleepy-time tea
and decided to try and catch y'all up to date on the events of the past ten days or so.
On Saturday, May 13th I was at Eggemeyer's General Store for about 4 hours for
a book signing. I really enjoyed visiting with people as they walked by. Eggemeyer's
is a really neat store; they have nic nacs, books, clothes, candles, home made fudge,
smoked hams, jams, jellies, toys, candy that you won't find at other stores and a whole
lot more! I didn't sell very many books that day but I did get to hear a bunch of heart-
warming stories. I enjoyed listening to each story and there were a couple of stories
that brought tears to my eyes. It was a wonderful reminder to me that many times I
need to listen more and talk less. Everyone has a story to tell and I'm so glad that I
was blessed to hear the stories they wanted to share.
Sunday, May 14th was Mother's Day. My sons, daughter, and grandchildren called to
wish me a Happy Mother's Day, and several of my nieces and nephews sent me a text.
Jim took me out to eat breakfast at our favorite little Mexican Restaurant and then we
went to buy some vegetable plants and a few flowers. We came home, changed clothes
and worked in our flower/vegetable garden. The weather was perfect and we had
such a nice time. I filled up our concrete bird bath (the one my youngest grandson
thought was a Holy Water Font when he was younger). This bird bath is right by our
statue of St. Francis. Further out in the yard, beneath the smaller oak tree we have a
round rubber tub that sits on the ground and we keep it filled with water also. I call
it the "Red Neck Bird Bath". The birds love it - I guess because it is a little bit deeper
and they can really splash around in that one. We watered our trees and pulled weeds
and moved some of our potted plants around. We went to Mass that evening and
picked up some hamburgers on the way home. It was a wonderful way to spend the
day. Last week was a busy one; helped out at the Sack Lunch Ministry, watched both
of our grandson's last baseball games of the season, laundry, book work, etc. Oh, and
we also had the Parish Family Picnic out at the park on Wednesday evening - a
fun family event!
Jim and I traveled out of town on Friday. We went to be with our granddaughter
as she made her First Holy Communion on Saturday, May 20th. She looked precious
and so pretty in her sweet, white dress. She and our other granddaughter stayed at
the hotel with us and we had a great time. This is the fourth year in a row we have
been blessed to celebrate First Holy Communions with our grandchildren.
Our third oldest grandchild will turn eleven tomorrow. In 2005 Jim and I were blessed
with the news that all three of our children were going to be parents. 2006 was just the
beginning of many busy months and years to come. Our first grandchild, our grandson
was born in January. Our second grandchild, our granddaughter was born in March.
And our third grandchild, another granddaughter was born in May of 2006. Just
imagine, three grandchildren born within four months of each other. We have been
blessed with seven more grandchildren since then.
Life - Our lives are full of life! Ten blessings from God - they are each a unique and
special gift to us. Some days we are tired - but we are always very thankful!
Thank you for reading the stories on my blog. I know that you have some awesome
stories too! When I look at my stat section I place my hand over the map where the
countries are colored in. This map tells me how many people read my blog and shows
me the countries where you are from. It doesn't list cities, just the countries. I say a
prayer for all of you as my hand covers the map. I pray that you and your families
are well. I pray that you are safe. I pray that my stories bring a smile to your lips and
maybe laughter and joy to your hearts. May God bless each and every one of you.
May God bless our whole world. When I see the map I thank God for all of you.
Take care of your families and reach out to one another. And remember - you are
never alone - God is always with you and He loves you very much!
                                                                  Blessings to you and yours!
                                                                                   Bye for now, Sharla

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