Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Hello Out There! One whole week has passed since I wrote my last post! Since last
Tuesday evening the following events have taken place -
On Wednesday morning I went and bought supplies for the sack lunches. My cart was
piled high with lunch meat, chips, crackers, applesauce and cases of Gatorade. A nice
young man helped me unload everything from my cart into my truck. I drove to the
church and Janice and I unloaded and put everything away while Rosa was busy making
sandwiches. The day before  (3) cases of water was dropped off by a very kind man who
has faithfully donated (3) cases of water every week since November! Since last week
was so hot we decided to give everyone a bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade with
their lunches. I think we had enough Gatorade to be able to do that through the rest of
the week. Then I drove home so that I could get started on all the book work I was
behind on. I decided to trim back my fern before it got too hot. (I told y'all in my last
post how the fern was starting to block my view of my statue of Mother Mary). I cut
back the fern, spritzed my plants, topped off the bird bath and came back inside. I sat
down at my desk to get busy. Jim walked in the door not five minutes later and said that
he was going to run an errand and wanted me to go with him. I reminded him that I was
behind on the books and that he had encouraged me to get busy. He said that we would
only be gone about 30 minutes. I stopped what I was doing and went with him - 3 hours
later - I sat down at my desk again. It wasn't long before we had to leave and drive to
a little town about 30 miles north to watch our youngest grandson play T-ball. The kids
are so cute and we enjoyed the game even though it was a steaming 100 degrees!
We drove home and ate a light snack. The bookwork would have to wait until the next
day. A little book work here and a little of whatever there - the days came and went!
Father's Day was on Sunday and last night we celebrated grandchild #8s 3rd birthday!
She has her daddy's big smile and is always so happy to see us! We have a kiddie pool
for the little ones and a metal stock tank for the big ones to splash around in. The menu
consisted of pizza, breadsticks, cupcakes with pink icing and Hello Kitty rings on top!
Pink cups full of lemonade were passed all around. The older kids sat on the trampoline
and ate their pizza while the rest of us sat on the back porch. It was close to 9:00 p.m.
when we loaded everyone and everything up. Jim and I stood on the front porch
and waved until they all drove off. A wonderful evening full of life, fun and love!
I have worked on the books today. I decided to take a quick break and visit with y'all
but now I have to get back to work!
I hope you all have a wonderful day! Live life with a song in your heart and remember
that God loves YOU so very much!
                                                                     Bye for now, Sharla

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