Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello out there! I haven't had much time to blog so I wanted to check in with y'all
and see how everyone is doing? I'm the campaign leader for the upcoming 40 Days
for Life in San Angelo, TX. I have been busy planning the Kick-Off Rally that will
be on Wednesday, September 24th from 6:30pm-7:30pm in the Cathedral courtyard.
I'm really looking forward to it. Sacred Sound will be providing the praise and
worship music, and the Guadalupana's are furnishing the cookies. We are going to
have a lot of side walk chalk so that the kids can trace their handprints on the concrete
slab and everyone can write positive, pro-life messages. It will be a great family
praise and worship evening filled with upbeat music!
The fall 40 Days for Life Campaign is from 9/24-11/2/14. We will have a prayer vigil
each and every day from 7:00 am - 7:00 pm in the courtyard. All pro-life people
are invited to come and pray for an end to abortion, and to pray for the mothers and
fathers, to pray for families, and to especially pray for the unborn.
I have brochures for our local pregnancy help center, for adoption agencies, and some
brochures and prayer cards from Rapahel's Refuge. We will also be taking donations
for items most needed at our pregnancy help center.
I'm going to close with the prayer from Raphael's Refuge prayer cards. This prayer is
for those who have lost their baby due to a  miscarriage, stillbirth, and any type of
early infant death, or childhood death.

                             Parent's Prayer for a Departed Baby
                   Holy Spirit, creator of life and love, thank you for
                             breathing life into the soul of my baby.
                        Heavenly Father, thank you for letting me play
                                     a role in my baby's creation.
                           Lord Jesus, thank you for my baby's love.
                              From my empty arms, I place my baby
                            into your arms, to be held for all eternity.
                                                       Amen                       Have a great week!                                                  Bye for now, Sharla

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