Thursday, September 4, 2014

Good Morning out there! I hope everyone is having a great week. I saw a picture on
face book this morning of Mother Teresa. Her quotes are always thought provoking.
This one really hit me hard today. Mother Teresa said "It is a poverty to decide that a child
must die so that you may live as you wish."

You know, things don't always go as we plan, dream or hope. Many times God is
reminding us that He is in charge of our lives, not us. Maybe it's a job loss, a transfer,
not getting the house you want, or maybe it's something like not having good enough
credit for an expensive vehicle. An unplanned pregnancy definitely changes everything,
absolutely changes how you live your life, but if you stop and think about it, this baby is
a gift from God. Maybe you need a new direction. This baby will change your life for the
better, this baby is part of you. To all the men out there, no matter what age you are, if your
girlfriend or wife is pregnant, be a real man. Take care of your family, take care of your responsibilities. Love, protect and support them, be proud to be called dad, for that matter,
be proud to be a husband! Take pride in yourself and say "Hey, it's going to be ok, we can
do this." Your girlfriends, your wives, they need to hear you say, we're a family, yes this
changes everything, but for the better! Children need their mothers and their fathers, babies
are such a blessing, when did we get so off track. We need commercials and tv shows that
support family instead of the stupid stuff that's on. We need magazine covers that have good
moms and dads on the front page, happy families, not the trash that is on the rack right by
the check out stand in the stores. Men, step up to the plate as real men, and be a great dad,
be a great boyfriend, better yet, be a great husband, make the commitment that says this is
for real, this is forever! I keep seeing all the challenges on face book to raise money for
good causes, and that is great. But here is a real challenge, take care of your family. Be
there, day in and day out. The world tells you that partying is the way to go, it's a big lie.
Being part of a loving, caring family is the most amazing gift you can have, and give to
others. Put God first, find a parish home, get involved , spend time with your family.
That is something you will never regret. Ladies, motherhood is awesome, but be careful
who you pick to date and marry, make sure they want the same things in life that you do.
But especially make sure they will be good, loving and supportive fathers. This ugliness
in our world will not change unless we change. We need to get our priorities straight, we
need to put God first, family second, and everything else will fall into place.

Last night I was at Family Night at our parish. We have our religious education classes and
all kinds of adult bible study classes on Wednesday nights. Last night was the first night back
after summer break. We served chili dogs in the cafeteria, and then moved to the gym
where we had praise and worship music, the upbeat kind the kids love, with all the different
hand movements. Sacred Sound provided the music and they are awesome! The adults
(me included) also love the songs. I really like the one that goes "I say yes, yes Lord, I say
yes!" I'm not very coordinated so I have a little trouble with all the movements, but
I try! Anyway, I know that most churches offer all kinds of classes and activities, and
I really think that is a wonderful place for families to be, to grow, and spend time together.
To sum this all up, I'll say it again, a baby is a gift from God. Our lives are gifts from God,
what we do with our life, how we treat others, how we love others, is our gift back to
God. So go out, reach out and take care of each other, take care of your family.
                                                    Bye for now, Sharla

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