Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good Morning out there! I just have time for a quick post because I'm headed up to my church to help with the Sack Lunch Ministry. An article I submitted was printed in the Standard Times Newspaper yesterday. It was in the Opinion Section, page 4A. I was thrilled that they printed my article pretty much word for word. The title was Stand Against Abortion.
On page 3A, under Local/Texas was the title Planned Parenthood plans $3million campaign.
The 1st paragraph states-The political arm of Planned Parenthood expects to spend $3 million to support Democrats in the 2014 general election...........
I posted a picture with a scale of tax payer dollars that go to Planned Parenthood. The scale starts in 1962 and goes to 2012. For an eye opening experience click on, view my complete profile and then click on posts to see the chart. National Pro-Life Alliance is where I got the picture/poster of this chart. The shocking amount of tax payer dollars that went to Planned Parenthood in 2012 was,
you better sit down for this, $7,000,000,000.00!
In my opinion this means that taking advantage of young women in a crisis pregnancy and our tax payer dollars add up to BIG BUSINESS FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD!
It breaks my heart that my taxes help fund this business of premeditated death. Sometimes I wonder why God has put the pro-life message so heavy on my heart. This morning after I posted the tax chart on face book and there was only 1 like, I had my answer. I am not afraid to speak up, I will speak up, I will not be silent. God has put this on my heart because He knows I will keep trying, I will not get discouraged, I will persevere because the pro-life movement is not just a movement, it is a life and death situation. The lives that are lost if we do not speak up are the lives of innocent babies who cannot speak for themselves. The pro-life movement is truth, the pro-abortion movement is death and deceit. Please stand with me, please speak up for the unborn.
Be not afraid, God is with us. I will close with the first paragraph of my letter, and an intention from the Pro-Life Rosary.

What if? What if we promoted the pro-life message in such a way that everyone got it? That everyone understood that a baby is a baby, not a choice. That even though abortions are legal, no one would choose to have one. That an abortionist would see that he or she is taking a life, instead of saving a life, that instead of being called an abortionist, they would want to be called a doctor.

As Catholics, we pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary on Tuesdays.
The Rosary for the Unborn follow the daily mysteries, but we add special intentions
for the unborn and their mothers.

The First Sorrowful Mystery is: The Agony in the Garden.
The pro-life special intention for this mystery is:
Let us pray for mothers and fathers who are in agony because they are tempted to
abort their child. May they be given the good news that there are alternatives, and
may they make use of the help that is available.

                                       Blessings and Peace,

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