Sunday, November 15, 2015


Hello Out There! It is cloudy and misty and a wonderful fall day! The only problem
with this kind of weather is I want to hibernate and cook! Friday night I made a BIG
pot of homemade potato soup with spicy sausage! Grated cheese and saltine and/or
Ritz crackers on the side, and a pitcher of ice tea! Saturday morning I started soaking
pinto beans, took a brisket out of the freezer to thaw, and made a triple batch of the
original chex party mix! I cooked the beans and brisket and that is what we had for
dinner last night! This morning (Sunday), I made a big breakfast: bacon, sausage
scrambled eggs and refried some of the beans I cooked yesterday! We had toasted
tortillas also, and a BIG pot of coffee! This afternoon I made a pan of brownies with
walnuts! I am supposed to be dieting before the holidays, it doesn't seem to be working
out that way, but I am exercising! That has to count for something, I like to think so
anyway! I only have a few more minutes before I have to get ready for Mass so I want
to share something really awesome!
   I had to fill out a survey about our 40 Days for Life fall campaign. One of the
questions they ask is - how many people participated (approximately)? I ask people to
sign in when they come and pray, most everyone does. I went through the book and
counted each individual and added some walk-ins that I knew about and the total
of people came out to 220! Isn't that awesome?! 220 people came to the courtyard and
prayed during the 40 days! I decided to count up the hours that people prayed, most
people come more than once, and the total hours came out to a little more than 800!
Just think about that? 800 hours of prayers for the unborn and their families! There
were 307 - 40 Days for Life campaigns, an amazing amount of prayers!
    Going up to the courtyard each day, the pro-life banners proudly hung and the joy
of seeing people praying will forever stay in my heart. Just imagine walking into a
courtyard and seeing a mother praying while her children are drawing pictures and
writing pro-life messages with sidewalk chalk close by. Or think about this: You walk
into the courtyard and a man is praying quietly as he sits on a bench and a group of
ladies are praying the pro-life rosary together and another lady is praying by the
statue of Jesus. There were times that 3 generations from one family would be praying
together. Other times I witnessed a mother and her grown son praying, a grandmother
and her teenage grandson praying. I would walk in and see sisters and friends praying,
and the husbands and wives would sit side by side and pray, so many husbands and
wives prayed together, an absolutely beautiful sight! I saw families pray together, and
people would visit and laugh and share stories and sometimes cry. There were lots of
hugs, and a feeling of peace and serenity in the courtyard. I am thankful for every single
person who stopped by to pray, who prayed from home, and who prayed for my family!
I was so humbled and thankful when people told me that they were praying for Jim and
I. The 40 days is over, but the pro-life way of life continues on and we are already
making plans for the spring campaign. The banners have been taken down, and the
courtyard looks lonely, so stop by and say a prayer or two if you have time, keep on
praying for the unborn and their families, keep on praying for a conversion of hearts!
I am going to close with - JESUS PROTECT AND SAVE THE UNBORN or
Blessings to you and yours!                Bye  for now, Sharla

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