Thursday, July 9, 2015

I Will Speak Up For The Weakest Among Us, I Will Be Their Voice!

Hello Out There! I wrote a letter and e-mailed it to the Standard Times
Newspaper, editorial department yesterday morning. My letter was in
response to the guest editorial that was published the day before. The
editorial had previously appeared in The Los Angeles Times. The title
of the article was, "In Texas abortion case, high court ruled correctly."
I read the article late Tuesday afternoon and I knew that I had to write
a response. That evening I sat down with my dictionary, the article, and
my literature on pro-life issues and documents about what happens during
an abortion. I jotted down notes, read and re-read information, cried, and
then wrote some more. Jim finally said, "Sharla, you need to get some
sleep, you can finish in the morning." I knew he was right, I was beyond
tired, and was really distressed after reading all the horrible things I knew
I had to read so that I could be brutally honest in my reply. I got ready for
bed and said my prayers, praying that I could write something that people
would understand. I tossed and turned, I finally told Jim that I had to get
up, I had to finish what I had started. He understood and gave me a hug.
I gathered up all my material, my notes and reading glasses and closed our
bedroom door and came into my office. I sat down and just started typing
from my heart, I looked at my notes, glanced at the article and typed some
more. I knew that my letter was way too long for the section in the
newspaper designated for "Letters to the Editor" but there was nothing
I could cut, nothing I would cut from my rebuttal to that heartless article
that I was replying to. I glanced at the clock and it was almost 2:00 a.m.
I knew that I had to get some sleep, so I saved my draft and went to bed.
I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet and finally fell asleep. Jim didn't wake
me when he got up, and when he came to kiss me good-bye before he
went to work I jumped up and said, "Wait, you have to read my article
first!" I stumbled around for a minute and he said, "Why don't I go and
fix you a cup of coffee while you get everything together." He knows me
so well, bless his sweet, patient heart! I sat down and clicked on my
draft on the computer and Jim sat down next to me. I read my letter to
him, so he would get all the emphasis on the really important parts. He told
me it was great, that I needed to send it to more than just our newspaper,
he hoped they would print it, and that he really had to get to work because
he was running late! I typed a note to the person I was sending the article
to and asked if there was a place they could print it since it was long. I
heard back from him about noon and he said that he would shoot for next
Thursdays View Points section.
Here is a brief description of the article I read:
There was not one word in their letter about the babies who are killed
during abortions, it was full of statistics and laws. They compared the safety
of having an abortion to other out-patient procedures such as; laser eye
surgery, dental extractions, colonoscopies, and vasectomies. They
didn't talk about any possible side effects of having an abortion. The
letter basically stated that this is the law of the land, so accept it and shut up.
Now, back to my response:
This is one of the points I made -
I  just can’t believe the audacity of the comparison of having an abortion to laser
eye surgery or having a tooth extracted. What part of a baby is dead do you not get?
Doctors are supposed to heal, not kill.
I have to say, my blood was pumping, my heart was beating like a jack
hammer, I was taking notes like I new shorthand. But you see, that's just it,
I have a heart, and I felt like it was breaking. My response tells the ugly
truth about abortion, my response talks about the babies, and the grief that
so many feel after having an abortion. My response talks about all the
possible side effects of having an abortion, and what really happens during
an abortion. My response is about humanity, and love, and it comes
from my heart.
       I will speak up for the weakest among us, I will be their voice.


  1. Good for you! Can you post for us the link to the Viewpoints section when it's published? (And what a great husband-- just sayin'.)

    1. Rosemary, thank you! I will post the link to the article when they publish it. I thank God for my husband everyday, he is so supportive and he is a great guy who loves the Lord!