Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Prayers, Faith and Peace

Hello out there! Is anybody still reading my blog? I'm sorry that I haven't
written very many posts lately. I've been so busy with our 40 Days for Life
Campaign I just haven't had much spare time. When I do have some spare
time I have to do things like; wash clothes, cook, do some paperwork for
our family business, you know, that kind of stuff that is never ending!
Anyway, I just want to share with y'all how amazing the first 15 days of the
40 day campaign have been. So many people have been coming out to the
courtyard and praying. It has been such a blessing for me to see all these
faithful people. Some people pray in groups, some people pray by themselves,
but there is always so much joy. Smiling faces, hugs, faith sharing, laughter,
quiet time, peacefulness, and most of all, the love and presence of Jesus Christ.
People of all ages have come out to pray, mothers with small children who color
on the concrete with side walk chalk. Couples, sisters, rosary groups, families,
friends, the list goes on and on. When a new person shows up they are immediately
welcomed to our growing family of people who pray for the unborn, who pray for
families, who pray for the whole world. We are united in our belief that life begins at
conception, that babies are a gift from God, and our faith in God. Each day I am
blessed with the witness of these faithful people.
Right now something else has been on my heart, and on the hearts of many of those
who come and pray. We are worried about those of you in countries that are at war.
We are praying for you and your families.
I can't imagine what you are dealing with, what you are going through.
I pray that all of you who live in these war torn countries are safe and cared for.
I pray that no harm comes to you or those you love. I pray for peace for your countries.
I pray for guidance and leadership for my country and yours. I listen to the news and I
know that a lot of innocent people are living in fear and worse. It may not seem like much,
but I lit a candle at church today and prayed for all of you. When I wake up during the
night, I pray for you.
Please know that wherever you are, we are praying for you daily during this 40 Days
for Life Campaign, we are lifting you up in our prayers. Peace be with you. God's blessings
to you and yours.

Please God, have mercy on us and on the whole world. Please protect the innocent,
please take care of families, please have mercy on us all. Amen.

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  1. Oh Shar, that was a beautiful entry! . I'm still with you, sweet gal. I had to go back to ch 1 in my book. I had missed for a while and I just do better with it on a day to day basis. Did 1&2 and will catch up. I will read ch 3-6 tonight or more. It is like eating Lay's Potato you can't read just one chapter!!
    Love and Prayers
    Aunt Carolyn