Thursday, November 5, 2015


Hello Out There! Just a quick post-Yesterday at the Sack Lunch Ministry a young man
showed up early. We had never seen him before. He sat in the cafeteria with his head
down while he was waiting for us to start handing out lunches. I walked by him and
hollered out something to the ladies in the kitchen, he misunderstood what I said and
became defensive. I immediately walked over to him and sat down next to him. I told
him that he misunderstood and then I asked him what his name was. He told me his
name and then I told him mine and reached out my hand to shake his. We talked for about
10 minutes. He isn't from here and the lost look in his eyes broke my heart. I gave him
his lunch and told him to go out to the courtyard and I would send someone to visit with
him. I had just dropped by to leave supplies, it wasn't my day to stay and help and I had
an appointment. I went out the back door and climbed into my truck and said a quick
prayer, it went something like this: Ok Lord, how am supposed to help this young man?
Lord there are so many people in pain, how do we help them? Amen. I called one of
the Deacons and asked if he would stop by the courtyard on his way to the noon Mass,
he said that he would. I drove around the block and pulled into a parking space in front
of the courtyard. I got some money out of my purse and walked into to the courtyard. He
was sitting on a bench eating his sandwich, I sat down next to him and told him that if
he would just wait for a little while that someone would be by to talk to him. I handed
him the money and told him that it should be enough to get some dinner later on. I stood
up to leave and he stood up also, he gave me a hug and thanked me. He told me that he
was sorry he had gotten upset earlier, and I told him that I was sorry I hadn't just sat down
to talk to him in the first place! I don't know what happened after I left, I hope he is ok.
I prayed for him and all those who are like him with nowhere to go. I told my husband
last night that I felt like we are living in a time where the whole world is like a field
hospital. Some people just need a hug or a smile, and it is easy to fix them right up. Others
need so much more. I told Jim that I feel like we just walk around with band aids trying
to make it all better and sometimes they need major surgery. I just feel so inadequate
sometimes. I pray that God will always guide me to know what to do, to know how to
help. I just know one thing for sure, we have to be a light in this dark world.
I just needed to share this, my heart is sad. God bless you all, please be a light to others!
                                                                   Bye for now, Sharla

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