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Good Morning Out There! November is National Adoption Month. Yesterday someone
posted an article on Face Book about the cost of an adoption. I knew adoption was
expensive, but I had no idea that the average cost is $40,000 to adopt a baby. The article
also said that an abortion cost $400.00. Of course these prices may vary a little in
different places. My husband and I visited the Gladney Center for Adoption in Ft. Worth
about three years ago. They explained to us that since so many women choose abortion,
there are not as many babies placed for adoption, which causes the long wait and the
higher cost to adopt a baby. The Gladney Center is a wonderful place for young women
to stay during their pregnancy if they need or want a place to stay. They also have the
option of choosing the parents for their baby which is also called, an open adoption. They
can also choose to keep the information private.
 For more information:
or call 1-800-Gladney
or Text talk to 43648 to speak with a counselor
Gladney Center for Adoption
6300 John Ryan Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76132-4122
When we were there, I asked if they would give me some brochures so that I could
hand them out. They gave me brochures and testimonials from young women who
had stayed there and placed their babies for adoption. Every now and then I call them
and ask for more brochures and they promptly mail a large supply to me. I keep our
church stocked with these brochures and I carry them in a bag in my truck so that I
always have them on hand. I also make sure they are on display during our 40 Days
for Life campaigns.
I wrote a story about my adoption awhile back. The story was one of my very first
blog posts back in March 2014. I submitted the story to Catholic 365, an online
Catholic magazine, last fall. I was so excited when they published it. I want to share my
story again for those who haven't read it. If you have read it, I know you understand why
it is so important for me to share again.
I've always loved the stories about my adoption. When I was a little girl, my dad would tell me how they got the call sooner than they expected, and how they had to stop and buy diapers, bottles and clothes on the way to get me from the hospital. My mom, dad, big brother and my grandmother all drove from Stephenville, TX where my grandparents lived, to Ft. Worth, TX to pick me up! My dad would say that they picked me out special from all of the babies in the hospital, of course as I grew older I realized that part of the story was a very sweet addition. When I started asking more detailed questions, my mom said that my birth mother wasn't able to take care of me, and so she gave me to a family who could. My mom also told me that being adopted was special, and that I should always be thankful, and I am.
After I grew up and had a family of my own, my dad told me how they paid for my adoption.
I was born in the evening on December 30, 1963. My parents received a phone call on New Year's Eve morning that there was a baby girl ready for them. Not expecting the call quite so soon, they had to come up with the money so that they could bring me home. I need to give you a little history here so that you get the whole picture.
My dad was a science teacher in Sudan, TX. He also drove the school bus. Sudan is a very small town close to Lubbock, TX. My dad called the banker in Sudan to request a loan, and told him that he needed the money immediately. The banker asked if he had any collateral and Dad said, "Just my name." So the banker asked my dad why he needed the money and my dad told him that they were trying to adopt a baby girl and they were suppose to pick me up on January 2.
This is my favorite part, the banker said, "Well, go and get her, we'll figure it out when you get home." Isn't that awesome, I love it!  I also have an old, yellowed newspaper clipping from the Sudan newspaper telling all about the baby shower that the wonderful, gracious people gave my parents. The clipping says "Little Miss Sharla Kay, recently adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nelson, was the honoree at a shower on Saturday afternoon at the home of....."
Just writing about this makes me emotional, I've been so blessed. There is just no way to describe how thankful I am for my life. But what breaks my heart is that you don't hear about adoption anymore, unless it's for an animal. We need to get the message out there that adoption is and should be the only other option. So many couples aren't able to have children, and want children.
Children are gifts from God, they are not a choice, they are a life.

I love that story, and I pray that there will be more people like that banker. I pray that we
will be able to get the adoption message out there. I look at my children and my grandchildren
and I am just so thankful that I was given the chance to grow up and share my story. Adoption
is a loving life option and adoption saves generations!
Please spread the beautiful truth about adoption and help me save more generations.
                                                               Blessings, Sharla


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