Monday, July 28, 2014

Hello out there! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I wanted to list a few more links that I thought might be helpful. I want people to be able to find the information they need. There is so  much help out there, so many people out there who do care. I care. Please seek those who truly want what is best for you in life. If you are pregnant and feel alone, or you are afraid, reach out to someone who cares about you and your baby. If you can't talk to anyone in your family, talk to someone at your church, if you don't have a church home, then talk to someone at a Pregnancy Help Center. I'm going to list the link for the Pregnancy Help Center here in San Angelo, TX. There is a tab you can click on the home page and if you type in your location, it will bring up a Pregnancy Help or Resource Center in your area. Pregnancy test are free, sonograms are free, they will help you with parenting classes, baby clothes, diapers, free counseling to help you make a decision about whether you feel like you can take care of your baby, or if adoption is better for both of  you. You don't have to face this alone, but let someone help you, who is not in it to make money. The abortion industry is big business, and they are in it to make money. So please, think about where you go and who you talk to for help.

I have other websites listed on my blog, these all have information to help you.

The world we live in today believes that a woman's choice is more important than a baby's life,
and that is a lie. The world we live in today believes "live and let live," unless you are a baby in
your mother's womb. If  you are pregnant, there are two lives to think about now, two lives to
take care of. Please, choose life for your baby. I've talked to women who are still devastated about
an abortion they had years ago. It has taken decades for some women to finally heal after an
abortion. I've read articles, and heard testimonials, I've cried with women as they have shared their stories with me. I write this blog not only to save the baby, but to save the young woman from the heartache, and guilt she feels after having an abortion. No one wants to talk about this subject because it just isn't very comfortable, it is certainly not politically correct unless you are pro-abortion, and people just don't want to get involved. So, here I am, because I truly care, I truly want to make a difference. I want to get the message out there,  abortion is an ugly lie. I'm not saying that choosing adoption for your baby will be easy, and I'm also not saying that raising your baby will be easy. But I believe if you choose life for your baby, once you hold your sweet baby boy or baby girl, in your arms, you will make the right decision for both of you.

One of the definitions of mother in the dictionary is:
To care for or protect as a mother does

A baby's heart start beating just 21 days after conception, listen to your heart, place your hands over your stomach and think about the baby boy or baby girl that is growing inside you, that tiny little life is a miracle, and needs you. Listen to your heart, don't listen to the world. You are strong enough to take care of your baby, and if you choose adoption, you are doing what you feel like is best for your baby. Please choose life for your baby, there are people out there who will help you.

              "For I know well the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,                                  
                plans for welfare and not for woe to give you a future and a hope."
                (Jeremiah 29:11)

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