Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Good Morning out there! Since last night I've posted three pictures from the National Pro-Life Alliance. They are thought provoking posters/pictures. My comment on the most recent one I posted has been on my mind.
What if? What if we promoted the pro-life message in such a way that everyone got it? That everyone understood that a baby is a baby, not a choice. That even though abortions are legal, no one would choose to have one. That an abortionist would see that he or she are taking a life, instead of saving a life, that instead of being called an abortionist, they would want to be called a doctor. You are probably thinking "dream on sister" and maybe, probably you are right. I just know that right now I feel an urgency about spreading the pro-life message. Maybe it is because of the elections coming up in November, I don't know. I just want to spread awareness about the help that is out there. I want people to know that abortion is not their only option. I placed brochures about adoption in our church vestibule last week. I also carry them with me. In the early morning hours, my husband and I pray for the unborn on the East Coast because we know that abortions are already in progress. We pray throughout the day for all the unborn everywhere, for their mothers and for their fathers to say NO to abortion and YES to life! We pray that the abortionists will walk out and say, NO MORE, I will not take another baby's life, not today, not ever! Please pray with us for the unborn, please pray for the baby girl or baby boy's mother and father, please pray for the abortionists. Please pray for an end to abortion.

                    And when the angel had come to her, he said, "Hail, full of grace,
                     the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women."
                    (Luke 1:28)

                     Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and cried out in
                     a loud voice: "Blest are you among women and
                      blest is the fruit of your womb."
                     (Luke 1:41-42)

                                                 Jesus Protect and Save the Unborn!

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