Thursday, August 4, 2016

Posters and Banners and Prayer Booklets, Oh My!

Hello Out There! It is 6:30 p.m. and 103 degrees outside! Jim and I were cleaning
up the garage this afternoon. He was helping me organize all of my pro-life stuff and
there is a lot of it! This fall we will host our 5th, 40 Days for Life Campaign in the
courtyard at Sacred Heart Cathedral. We have posters and banners, prayer booklets,
coloring books, sidewalk chalk, balloons and a wide array of brochures. We have so
many different types of brochures to help educate people about pro-life issues. Several
of the brochures are in both English and Spanish. And prayer cards, we have lots of
prayer cards. Many of the prayer cards are also in English and Spanish. Jim found the
cardboard trifold that is covered in pictures from our first campaign in the courtyard.
He held up posters and signs that the teenagers from two different parishes had made
for us. Looking at these thought provoking signs made tears come to my eyes. I'm
still kind of teary as I write this post. I enjoyed organizing everything and getting it all
ready for September. The memories from the past campaigns are something that will
stay with me for the rest of my life. I pray that someday abortion will be just a horrible
awful nightmare that finally ended. I pray that someday everyone will see that a baby
is a baby and not a choice. I pray that mothers and fathers will see their baby as gift and
realize that he or she is their own flesh and blood.

The following are some amazing facts -

Day 1: Fertilization -
 The sperm joins with the egg to form one cell. This single cell contains the complex
generic makeup for every detail of a new human being-the child's sex, hair and eye
color, height, skin tone, etc. After fertilization, nothing new is added but oxygen,
nutrition, and time. (Isn't that incredible?)

During the 1st month -
Foundations of the brain, spinal cord, and nervous system are already being established
and the heart starts beating just 18 days after conception! (Wow! How cool is that?)
The baby's muscles are forming, and arms, legs, eyes and ears have begun to show.
(This is happening during weeks 1 -4!)

During the 2nd month -
The jaw forms, this includes the teeth and taste buds. Fingers and toes are developing!
This little baby is already a swimmer! The baby girl or boy are swimming in the
amniotic fluid. (I can just see them doing the breast stroke!)

I've listed just a few of the many, many things that are already happening during the first
eight weeks of a baby's development. Isn't life a miracle?

I'll share some more stages of a baby's gestation with you later on. Jim and I didn't walk
this morning and so we are fixing to go out in the heat and walk! I am not looking
forward to it!

Have a wonderful evening and please share the news that babies are a blessing, help
is available and adoption is an option!

                                                                       Bye for now, Sharla

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