Friday, August 12, 2016

Fighting the Good Fight is Sometimes a Battle

Good Morning out there! It's that time of year again - the 40 Days for Life Fall
campaign is just around the corner. We've already started planning the kick-off
rally and it is going to be awesome! This will be the fifth time we have held the
40 Days for Life campaign in the courtyard at Sacred Heart.
I never saw myself as a take charge type of person before. I was great at helping out.
Tell me what I need to do - give me the ball and I'll run with it - you plan it and I'll
work or help out wherever you need me to. That was my attitude - happy to help,
just never in charge.
In the spring of 2014 I received a phone call asking if I would step up to the plate
and be the local coordinator for the 40 Days for Life campaigns. I remember saying
that I was honored that they thought of me but I needed to pray about it. I also
wanted to talk to my husband about it because I knew that it would take a lot of
planning and preparation before the 40 days even began. I wasn't even sure if we
could have a campaign because we used to pray in front of the Planned Parenthood
and it (Thanks be to God) had closed down in the fall of 2013. I called the 40 days
office in Bryan/College Station and asked what the protocol was for having a
campaign since the Planned Parenthood had closed down. They told me that we
could have a campaign as long as the location was held outside and in a high-
traffic/visible location where people could see our prayerful, pro-life witness for
the unborn. I signed up to receive the emails letting me know when we had to turn
in the application for the 2014 fall campaign and began to pray about
 "where in the world" we were going to hold a campaign. Another stipulation was
that the forty days time frame meant exactly what it said - Not Monday - Friday
during the forty days - but forty straight days of holding either a twelve hour prayer
vigil or a twenty-four hour prayer vigil. Well that decision was easy - it was going
to be a twelve hour vigil wherever it was held! The phone call I received was in
February and we didn't have to turn in the application until mid-summer so I felt
like I had time to figure it out. Jim and I drove to Bryan/College Station to attend
a fundraising banquet the last Thursday in February. We met the people who had
started the 40 Days for Life campaigns. We listened to the speakers and we both
realized that we definitely wanted to be involved with this wonderful pro-life
organization. After a lot of prayer and discernment I asked if we could hold the
40 Days for Life campaign in the courtyard and as they say, "The rest is history!"
Please pray for the babies, born and unborn, please pray for their parents and
for families everywhere. Please say a few prayers for me and my family. I've
found out that when you are fighting the good fight - it truly can be a battle and
right now the spiritual warfare is trying to kick my rear but God is stronger, so
much stronger and with His help and guidance I will continue to speak up for the
unborn. Please join me - I really need your help - the innocent unborn need your
help too.
                                                                          Bye for now, Sharla

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