Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Hello Out There! What a busy day! I hope you are all having a great week!
I just wanted to share the Prayer for the Evening from the Magnificat before I
start cooking dinner.

The Lord lives in us and we in him:
let us give thanks and praise, alleluia!

The following are scriptures for this evening:

Isaiah 27:2-3
On that day -
The pleasant vineyard, sing about it!
 I, the Lord, am its keeper,
 I water it every moment;
 Lest anyone harm it,
night and day I guard it.

Ezekiel 19:10
Your mother was like a vine planted by the water;
Fruitful and branchy was she because of the abundant water.

I hope you enjoyed reading these beautiful words from scripture!
Peace and blessings to you and yours wherever you are!

                                                               Bye for now,

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