Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello out there! This post is important, if you are pro-life, please pass this on.

1st Month (1-4 Weeks)
Did you know that a developing baby's heart begins to beat at just 21 days? Isn't that amazing.
Muscles are forming, and arms, legs eyes, and ears have begun to show.
2nd Month (5-8 Weeks)
By six weeks the jaw forms, including teeth and taste buds. The baby begins to swallow amniotic
fluid, and some have been observed hiccupping.
The kidneys begin to function. Fingers and toes are developing.
At seven weeks a baby's chest and abdomen are fully formed.
3rd Month (9-12 Weeks)
The baby now has fingerprints, turns his or her head, and opens and closes their mouth. The gender can already be determined.
4th Month (13-16 Weeks)
This little baby is growing, and will be between 8-10 inches in length, and weighs about one-half pound by the end of the fourth month.
His or her little ears can hear their momma's heartbeat, and external noises.
5th Month (17-20 Weeks)
This little one is growing bigger, and moving a lot. Some babies have been seen sucking their thumb during a sonogram at the fifth month.
6th Month (21-24 Weeks)
A baby's oil and sweat glands are functioning, this little one is growing rapidly and his or her lungs are becoming more developed.

I'm going to stop right here to make my point. I want my blog to be positive, but I also want it to be informative, and if I don't speak my mind about this, then I might as well just stop this blog right now.  The reason I stopped at 24 weeks development is because Wendy Davis filibustered to try and keep late term abortions available in Texas past 20 weeks and up to 24 weeks, an abortion at five or six months pregnant,
when you already know if that sweet baby is a son or a daughter, and have felt them move.
Yesterday, Wendy Davis was campaigning in Odessa, TX and a supporter asked her to sign a pair of
pink tennis shoes, because that is what she wore during her filibuster.
The article brought out all kinds of emotions in me, but mainly sadness. I try to believe that this supporter doesn't know about a baby's development, how special that baby is right from the very beginning. I tell myself they just need the knowledge, that surely they don't realize what they are supporting. But then, I come back to the cruel reality, that Wendy Davis is well educated and she knows the truth, and so does her supporter. So Wendy, you go ahead and fight for late term, legal abortions, but I'll fight for the precious unborn, those who cannot fight for themselves, who cannot speak for themselves. I will not be silent, I am woman hear me roar, Wendy Davis does not speak for me. Come on pro-life people, let me hear you roar.

There are none so blind as those who will not see.


  1. I think a lot of women are never told this type of information. It may change a lot of minds.

  2. That is exactly what I'm trying to do! Thanks for your comment, I need the encouragement!

  3. I agree this information should be made available to girls/women when they are thinking about abortion.