Thursday, May 4, 2017

Daily Blessings - Quality Time, Broken Down Trucks, Burritos, and Baseball - It's All Good!

Hello out there! What an awesome day! I was blessed to spend time with my
daughter - a wonderful Mother's Day treat! I was blessed to spend time with
my husband and son - a busy, working afternoon! I made meat and bean burritos
with grated cheese on top, iced lemonade and chips on the side for five of my
grandchildren. Three generations, Jim, our son, and our oldest grandson went to
work on our son's broken down truck which was located about fifteen miles out
of town. I fixed them burritos to go and fed our other grandchildren. I loaded them
up and took them to our youngest grandson's baseball game. The oldest sister of
the three girls is such a big helper! She helped me get the snacks together and
buckle everyone in their seat belts. I played with the girls and then would run
and watch my grandson bat, cheer him on, and then run back to the girls. The game
ended, we handed out snacks, loaded everyone back up in the truck, and received
the good news - they fixed the truck and would meet us half way. We gave thanks
to the Lord, so thankful they were able to fix the truck. Back at home once more,
Jim and I settled down to watch a little television and had a bite to eat.
Our days are busy and we've learned to go with the flow.
Enjoy each moment and be thankful for each day. Hugs and laughter, quiet times
and peace - Be thankful for God's blessings and have sweet dreams!

                                                              Good night my friends!
                                                                                  God bless you all!

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