Saturday, September 10, 2016

Memories, A Road Trip, and Special Friends

Good morning out there! It's raining, it's pouring - I love the sound of rain pouring
down! The wind is blowing and it is only 66 degrees outside. I hear the low roar of
thunder every once in a while. Not the ka-boom, loud make you jump kind of thunder
but the off in the distance rumbling thunder. This kind of weather makes me want
to hibernate with a good book! I just warmed up another cup of coffee and thought I
would sit down and write for a little bit.
I went on a road trip Thursday. I was going to be traveling by myself so Jim told me
to get my tires rotated and balanced on Wednesday. He thought the tread on my tires
was looking a little worn. Well, he was right. I ended up with a new set of tires. Have
you purchased tires lately? Talk about a dent in the budget, but good tires are
definitely a need! I filled my gas tank up and headed home. I told Jim about the tires
and he was so glad that I had them checked out. He also said something about
finding some more work to pay for the tires! Thursday morning I hopped in my truck
and my journey began. I said my prayers and enjoyed some quiet time as I traveled.
I finally popped in a CD from Lighthouse Catholic Media and for the next forty-five
minutes I listened to a wonderful speaker. I stopped at the Catholic Church in
Coleman and went inside to pray for a few minutes. It was so peaceful. I was the only
one in there. I knelt down and prayed and then sat back on the pew for a little
longer. I got back into my truck and continued on towards my destination. I arrived
in Weatherford about 12:15 p.m. I met my friend at the store and followed her to
the nursing home where her mother is. I have known this wonderful woman my whole
life. I'm four years older than her youngest daughter, the one who met me at the
store. They are like my second family. In my previous post I wrote about looking
through old photo albums. I found a picture of Lucille, the wonderful woman I went
to visit, holding me when I was two months old. Lucille and my mom were best
friends. Both families lived in Sudan, Texas until I was about eighteen months old.
We  moved away and they moved to another town also. We were only about a two
hour drive away from each other. They would come and visit us and we would go
and visit them. The dads would play golf and the moms would shop and cook and
visit. Her oldest daughter is ten years older than me. I found some pictures
of us also. After my mom passed away, Lucille continued to check on me. I would
go and stay with them for a week or so in the summer and we would see them through-
out the year. Lucille and her youngest daughter came to my High School Graduation,
mine and Jim's wedding, and brought gifts right before my babies were born. We
have stayed close throughout the years. I haven't been to see her since April and I
told Jim that I needed to go for a visit. Lucille always recognizes me and is so happy
to see me. I told her that I really missed my mom and that she is like a mom to me.
Her daughter took a picture of us together. I showed Lucille the picture of her
holding me when I was a baby and the pictures of her oldest daughter and I. She
really enjoyed looking at them. I have the picture of her holding me on my desk. I
think I will print the picture from the other day and put them side by side. After a
really good visit her daughter and I went to eat a late lunch. We talked for over two
hours and then it was time to go. She needed to get home and get ready to go watch
her son play football and I had a three and a half hour drive in front of me. We hugged
and promised to get together soon. I enjoyed my drive home.
I forget to tell y'all - on my way down there, on the side of Interstate 10, there was the
biggest, dead feral hog I had ever seen. I feel sorry for whoever hit that big honkin
hog! I called Jim and told him all about it. He asked if I pulled over and took a
selfie with it? I laughed and said, "No!" I'll have to tell y'all about another dead feral
hog story on another day!
Anyway, back to my journey home. I called Jim when I got to Ballinger and told him
that I was going to stop at the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant to visit our friends that
own it. He told me to bring him some hot sauce and call him when I was back on the
road. I went inside and was welcomed by our friends. I sat down and they brought me
some nachos and we visited while I ate. We talked about the upcoming 40 Days for
Life Kick-Off Rally and I left them some of the flyers. Patrick sent me home with
a large container of hot sauce and a bag of chips for Jim. I called Jim as soon as I got
back in my truck. I arrived home about 9:30 p.m. Thursday night. I was tired, it
had been a long drive, but it was worth it!
I have to get some laundry started now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Call an old friend or stop by and visit someone in the nursing home, you'll be so glad
you did!
                                                                 Blessings to you and yours!
                                                                              Bye for now, Sharla

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