Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Hello Out There! The 43rd anniversary of Roe v Wade is almost here. So many
thoughts are running through my mind. I have so much I want to say but I just
can't seem to put all of my thoughts in order. My heart is so heavy and I am really
sad, but I know that I have to keep speaking up for those precious little ones who
have no voice. I wrote something back in July 2015 and it really says exactly how
I feel this week so I'm going to re-post it. When I get my thoughts in order, I'll post
those too!
My heart is so full, I have so much to say,
it is gorgeous outside, the start of a beautiful new day.
This morning I woke with a pain in my heart,
knowing my mission, just not sure where to start!

 God has opened my eyes and has touched my heart.
To save the unborn I must do my part.

What should I do, what do I say?
I ask the Lord as I pray and pray.
He fills my head with words to say,
so I write and I write each and every day.

I cry out to Him to show me the way,
How do I make a difference today?
I just don't understand why it's so hard to see,
the horrible death that abortion brings.
What must I do, What must I say?
So I write and I write each and every day.

I send letters to the paper, I write posts for my blog.
I put pictures on face book, and pray for new laws.
I weep for the babies, their innocent lives lost.

What am I missing, am I not doing enough?
Please God help me, please show me the way.
How can I make a difference today?

Then my heart begins to ache,
I know I must speak up!
I know God is telling me, don't you dare give up!
Keep going, keep writing, don't you see?
What you do makes a difference, you are listening to Me!

It matters to God! It matters to Him!
I will write and I will post and I will write again.
I won't give up, I will be their voice!
I will fight for the unborn, because they are babies, not a choice!

                       Precious little babies in your mother's womb,
                 you are not a choice. You are a blessing, a gift from God.
                 I will speak up for you, and I will fight for your life. I will
                     write letters and posts and pray. I will speak up for
        you each and every day!

Legalized abortion has killed over 57 million innocent unborn babies. Please speak up
for the weakest among us, please be their voice.
                                                            Blessings and Peace, Sharla

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