Friday, August 7, 2015

Happy Birthday, Homemade Banana Pudding, and A Love Story

Good Morning Out There! Yesterday was my husband's birthday, and I am
just so thankful for him. He is such a blessing to me, our children and our
grandchildren! Instead of a birthday cake, I made Banana Pudding, using the
original, old fashioned recipe. I had to double the recipe because we have such
a big family, and I used one entire box of "Nilla Wafers" and 3/4 quarters of
another box because Jim likes the cookies! I carefully arranged each layer in
a 9 x 13 casserole dish. The original recipe has meringue on top so you have to
cook it for about 20 minutes. When I pulled it out of the oven it was browned
just right! While the pudding was cooling, I seasoned a brisket and put it in the
oven to cook, I already had a big pot of red beans (pinto beans) cooking! I
washed up some of the dishes and then I placed vanilla wafers all around the
edge of the pudding and put a few on top in the middle. I placed the banana
pudding on the table and covered it with a couple of napkins. I moved the beans
to the back burner, and started another pot of water boiling on the front burner
to cook the pasta for a pasta salad. I wanted to hurry and get that done so that I
could get it in the fridge to cool before dinner.
So..............the dessert is on the table, the brisket is cooking, the beans are
simmering, the pasta salad is in the fridge. I decide to go ahead and cook some
pork ribs too! I take them out of the fridge, season them, wrap them in foil,
and put them in the oven on top of the brisket.
Dishes are washed, dinner is cooking, dessert is made. I stock the fridge
with drinks and take out the trash.
I really need to take a break for a few minutes but I think of something else
I need to do. Before I know it, my husband is home from work and the kids
and grandkids arrive shortly there after.
Hugs and kisses and "Happy Birthday, Pa" before the kids head out the back
door to jump on the trampoline and/or jump in the metal stock tank we have
for them to splash around in. While they are busy playing, the dads set up a
table and chairs in the backyard while the moms fix the kid's plates.
Prayers are said and everyone is fed!
Our daughter made brownies with lots of pecans, because that is how Jim
likes them. Our son brought watermelons, that we will eat this weekend when
our oldest son and his family come to celebrate again.
With full tummies and tired kids, hugs and kisses once more, everyone loaded
up to head back to their homes. Jim and I walked back into the house, our home,
smiled and took a deep breath. We finished straightening up feeling very blessed.
I bought a rustic looking picture/sign that I hung out on the back porch this week.
It says, "Every Love Story is beautiful but ours is my Favorite" Jim says it is
the perfect sign for us!
                    Blessings to you and yours! Bye for now, Sharla

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