Friday, June 26, 2015

Mother Mary (Mama Mary) and My Little Joan

Good Morning, Y'all! I was listening to our Catholic radio station yesterday,
91.5 FM on my way home from the noon Mass. The program was, Called to Communion,
with Dr. David Anders. A Protestant called in and asked why we worship Mother Mary. I
just want to share my thoughts on this much asked question. I was raised Methodist, and
one day I met the most wonderful, Catholic man who was very devout in his faith. I told
him that I would go to Mass with him and see what I thought. I really wanted us to go to
church together as a family. I fell in love with the Catholic faith, and in 1986 I began
taking classes  (RCIA) and was confirmed as a Catholic during the Easter Vigil in 1987.
Now, back to Mama Mary. I picked this picture because this is how I see her, as a loving,
respected, precious mother. We do not worship Mother Mary, but we do see her for the
very important person that she was and still is. God chose her, to give birth to His Son.
She is a wonderful example for us to follow. We ask Mother Mary to pray and intercede
for us. Just like you might ask someone who has a lot of faith to pray for you, we ask
Mother Mary to pray for us. She wants to bring us closer to her Son. When I look at this
picture, I think about when my granddaughter, Joan, was in the hospital and so very sick.
I remember walking over to Sacred Heart Cathedral. I walked into the Sanctuary and went
to the side where they have the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, (picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the candles and the kneeler). I lit a candle and knelt down, I was so overcome
with worry that I sat back on my heels and lay my head down on my arms on the arm rest
of the kneeler and began to cry. I asked Mama Mary to please pray for my little Joan.
I just remember crying and praying and asking her to please pray for healing, to please
pray that the doctors would find out what was wrong, to please pray for me to have
the strength to help my daughter, her husband, and their daughters, my granddaughters.
I felt like I was sitting at Mother Mary's feet, my head in her lap. My mom died when
I was twelve years old, and at that moment, I really needed my mom. Mother Mary is
a beautiful example of love, compassion, selflessness, and faith.  When I finished asking
for her prayers,  I walked up to the kneeler in front of the Tabernacle and knelt down
and prayed to Jesus. I knelt quietly for awhile just taking in His Presence, His peace,
His comfort, and then I knew I could go back to the hospital and be strong for my
family once more.
I have a picture of Joan sitting on the kneeler beneath the picture of
Our Lady of Guadalupe, she calls her Mama Mary, and even though at that time she
wasn't yet two years old, it was like she knew that she needed to sit at Mama Mary's feet,
and ask for her prayers.
Our God is an awesome God, and He is who we worship, and He is who answers our
prayers, and Mother Mary intercedes for us, and leads us closer to Jesus.

Joan is 3 years and 2 months old now. She is doing very well, thanks be to God. She
loves to go to Mass. She loves Mama Mary, but she has also started kneeling somewhere
else now. When her mom goes up to receive communion and Joan receives a blessing,
she tugs free of her mom's hand when they get close to the Tabernacle. Little Joan
goes to the kneeler and kneels down, she places her little hands together in prayer, so very
serious. When I see her do that, my heart stops beating for just a second, and I know
that Mama Mary is leading Joan to her Son.

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