Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Those Valentine's Day Commercials are just Crazy, I Would Like Some Chocolate, Please!

Good Morning out there! Just a quick post before I dash out the door! I just have to ask this
........does anyone else think the "Hoodie-Footie" Valentine's Day commercial
 is goofy? I just can't imagine walking around my home in one of those outfits! I mean
really? How in the world are you suppose to wash dishes, cook, do laundry, and all
the other things that are necessary in something that a newborn or small baby wears?
You certainly aren't going to take out the trash, or throw scraps to the chickens in that
get up! If you are that cold turn up the thermostat, or go scrub the tub, either one will
warm you right up! Anyway, I just had to get that out!
If you are going to buy me something, I LIKE CHOCOLATE! No, I don't need it, but
I sure like it.  Oh, don't buy me one of those 4' bears either, where in the world are
you going to keep that thing?
Thanks for letting me vent! Those commercials drive me crazy!
I hope y'all have a super great day! Give your spouse a kiss, tell them Happy Valentine's
Day, turn some music on, twirl around the kitchen while you're cooking, and hug
your kids! And most important - Thank God for a new day!
                                                         Bye for now, Sharla

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