Friday, February 27, 2015

A Quiet Moment in the Courtyard, Listening to God

Brrrrrr, it's cold this morning! Hello out there! The roads are icy this morning, so we will
have a late start at the courtyard! Since I don't have to head out so early, I want to share
what has been happening at our 40 days vigil.
On Tuesday, my husband attached tarps on two sides of one of the canopies we have out
at the courtyard. That really helped to block the wind that day. He also lit two small propane
heaters and sat them in front of the open side. We sat chairs inside and put some blankets in
there. We hung up all the pro-life signs and he headed off to work. I really didn't think many
people would come and pray because it was so cold, I was wrong. People who were signed
up for certain hours showed up to pray, people just dropped in to pray.  There is know way to describe how thankful I am for these devoted pro-life warriors! The sun came out for a little
while in the afternoon, and some people sat outside of the warming area, all bundled up,
and prayed.
Wednesday morning I was ready to go! I arrived at the courtyard at 7:00am
and started setting the chairs out and hanging up the pictures and posters that we take
down at night. I put a clean sign up sheet on the clip board and made sure that the daily
devotional page from 40 Days was in the prayer books. One of my dearest friends, Candi
stopped by to help me set up. She stayed for awhile, and then told me she would be back
so that I could go home. It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining, and there were
little ladybugs all over the posters and the planters. I was so happy to be outside and
enjoy the sunshine. I prayed and I sang the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Candi came back and
sent me home, I told her that I would be back so that she could go to the noon Mass. It
was such a beautiful day, I just knew that lots and lots of people would be stopping in
to pray! People did come, one at a time at first, and then two or three. A  young man who
attends college came at his regular time. Two ladies who have been praying during the
 40 Days for years came and prayed. I left for a little while during this time and when I
returned, Candi was there. She and I were the only ones left, and she helped me
get some pro-life brochures together to take to St Mary's youth later on that evening. I
think it was about 4:15 or so when she was leaving. She has been such a blessing to me,
such a wonderful friend, always seems to know just when I need her to stop by.
After she left, I sat down at the picnic table underneath the oak trees. I prayed and told
God that I thought there would be more people that day. I sat there quietly, and prayed
it was so peaceful. I heard a noise and looked up to see two squirrels chasing each other
up and down the oak tree. I smiled at their playfulness. One squirrel ran off, and the other
one came closer to me. I looked down at him and said, "Are you here to pray with me
today?" I heard a bird singing in the tree above me, I looked up and birds were flying in
and out of the trees. Something caught my eye, and I glanced over and saw that same little
squirrel sitting on the fence that surrounds the courtyard. He was sitting up straight,
his little paws together and his headed tilted upward, his little mouth was moving and I
laughingly exclaimed, "You are praying with me!" I thanked God for the quiet, peaceful
moments. I felt like God was reminding me that I am never alone, He is always with me.
So I sat there and prayed, thanking God for this quiet time I had alone with Him in the
peaceful courtyard where birds sing, squirrels play, ladybugs fly and people come and pray.
A few moments later people started arriving, one sat here, and one sat there, hugs and
prayers, fellowship everywhere.
What happened that day will forever stay in my heart, a reminder from God to be still
and know that He is always with me. God is always with you, be still and quiet and listen.
Stay warm and be safe, if the roads are icy, stay at home and pray!
Blessings to you and yours!                Bye for now, Sharla

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