Monday, January 12, 2015

Moving Cover Picture of a Sculpture That Shows Forgiveness

Good Morning out there! A quick post before I head out the door to help with
the Sack Lunch Ministry at our church. I changed the cover photo on my blog
with a picture of a sculpture that is so moving, it breaks my heart every time I
see it. I saw the picture of the sculpture at Raphael's Refuge last June. I'm going
to paste a copy of the definition of the sculpture, and information about the
sculptor below. To see the picture, just click on view my complete profile.
I hope you all have a wonderful day full of many blessings!

Sculptor: Martin Hudácek

Banska Bystrica, Slovakia


As an art student, Martin Hudácek of Slovakia was moved to create a sculpture to draw attention to the devastation abortion can bring to the woman, and to the fact that through the love and mercy of God, reconciliation and healing are possible.

The sculpture shows a woman in great sorrow grieving her abortion. The second figure in the work is the aborted child, presented as a young child, who in a very touching, healing way, comes to the mother, to offer forgiveness.

Martin, who named the work "Memorial for Unborn Children," said the sculpture also "expresses hope which is given to believers by the One who died on the cross for us, and showed how much He cares about all of us."
                                                            Bye for now, Sharla

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